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Fringe:Discuss-What Will Peter Bishop Be Like When He Returns?

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It's Wednesday, and time for a new installment of Fringe:Discuss, where we
throw out a question and ask for your comments.

With all the talk and promos about the return of Peter Bishop, here is this week's question:

What will Peter Bishop be like when he enters the new timeline September established?

Please sound off in the comments section below.
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There is no correct answer, so please be courteous of everyone's opinions.


Observette MARCH said...

Someone who is pretending to be 'Our Peter' but is really one of the new shapeshifters (and only looks like Peter) from 4.01. I hope I'm wrong cause it would break my heart. I just want our good old Peter back.

Dave said...

If/when Peter comes back I believe that he will retain just a portion of his own memories but everyone else may not. Peter may know his father and Olivia (since she has seen images of him too in her dreams) but he may not have clear sense of what he used to mean to them.

Peter may be more like his "hidden side" that we never got to fully realize. He had a hidden past that he was reluctant to share. It may be more of a darker Peter than we'd like.

Perhaps there may also be a Peter than comes back on the other side as well, ie Peter's soul could be split between universes. Each side of him could struggle (one good / one not so good) as one side without the other couldn't survive on it's own.

Xindilini said...

That depends, doesn't it, on how he comes back?

From the looks ahead, perhaps he will be more like the one we first met in the pilot, without having met Olivia. A rogue who was self-reliant at a young age or a cad spoiled by over-indulgence. But definitely human.

Kaitlyn said...

I think that peter will remember everyone but no one remembers him so i think he will act the same as he did before he disappeared just probably a little bit easily frustrated because no one knows him

cortexifan said...

Kaitlyn, agree with you.

Dave Butler, never thought of that. But... Brown Betty sends greetings. When I read your theory I thought of Peter splitting the heart.

One more sleep!
Fringe Rocks!
And Remember to watch LIVE if you can.

JM said...

Tbh if it was played realistically, he comes back to a world he sacrificed himself for, and no one knows him and maybe they lock him up or whatever and they dont believe him. The woman he loves dosent know him, his father dosent etc. I reckon he should be depressed/going on suicidal.

Todd J. Haser said...

I agree with Kaitlyn - it's OUR Peter... He knows everything we know from the previous three seasons. No one here remembers HIM. Not sure how/where the season will go from there -

Old Darth said...

My money is on Peter remembering everything. Its a flip from the previous season where everyone, including the audience, knew about Peter being from other side.

This time, only Peter and the audience will know about the original timeline.

As to Peter's behavior my expectation is that he will continue to grow and will be very patient with his displaced status in the new timeline. And with the people around him.

Most of all, he will be very happy to simply exist again.

trent said...

JM, I don't think Peter would go suicidal, because he was always optimistic against all odds. Remember his attitude in The Day We Died, he still wanted to have children and hoped there would be a solution for their decaying universe. Realistically, those people would lock him up for a while at least. Seeing how they are strangers from another reality, they shouldn't feel any connection at all to Peter and perhaps we'll see him connect with other people and form a family elsewhere.

FringeFan said...

It can be anything. Peter could have snapped after seeing how much the Observers have influenced his life and be hell-bent on revenge OR He could still be calm and casual and patient enough to grow on the other characters, that is if the timeline does not reset to the original one OR He could be desperate for a sense of familiarity after his period of non-existence and in trying to get someone's attention, he might end-up in jail OR as Observette March said (and that's one scary thought), one of the shape-shifters might take his place in the team for God knows what reasons, etc, etc, etc. IMAGINE THE IMPOSSIBILITIES.

milostanfield said...

He has to come back changed in some fundamental way. After all, existing outside of time is not just a weekend in Cancun. He will have knowledge and perspective that no other human being has had. This will complement the special powers residing inside Olivia. Much of the next story direction will involve how those two will connect again, due to their unique powers.

It won't be easy at first. I see the first 3 titles as answers to questions about Peter:

Where is Peter Bishop?
"Neither Here Nor There"

When will he return?
"One Night In October"

What will he be like when he returns?
"Alone In The World"

He may be tasked with rescuing the others from this timeline or recovering what they have lost from the old timeline. This would be a nice change since someone is always rescuing him. I don't think he will go back to BEING the rogue he was before Season 1, but those skills will definitely come in handy.

As long as he has kept his talent for sarcastic quips, I'll be happy.

milostanfield said...

Has Olivia been cortexiphaned in this timeline?
Did she go in the tank to connect with John Scott in this timeline?
Will the tank be involved in getting Peter back?

Dennis said...

There is reason to believe Olivia was cortexiphaned, since she still has Photographic memory (and Fauxlivia does not)

Anonymous said...

Hopefully not the same as he was before. The conman, serial killer, guy who couldn't tell two Olivias apart should be GONE for good so people won't keep hating him for not being as perfect as olivia is. So, I hope he is a different person but has these "memories" that he can't comprehend.

J.P. said...

@ MonsterBabe "serial killer"? Peter Bishop was never a serial killer. Olivia is far from perfect, and Peter totally changed his personality over the three seasons from a cynical conman into a loving son and husband.
Anyway, I believe that Peter will return at the very end of "Subject 9", and, judging by the promotional pictures for "Novation", the others won't remember him. Combining snippets of spoilers from the cast and crew, and what Peter's voice says to Walter in episodes 2 and 3, I think he will remember everything. He will try to make the others remember, and, hopefully by "Back To Where You've Never Been", they do.
But, I've become fascinated by the "Peter is actually a translucent shapeshifter" idea. It could work, too -- what if this season's primary antagonist (JONES! JONES! JONES! JONES!) remembers that Peter was supposed to exist, and then created the translucent shapeshifters in an attempt to "replicate" Peter, using this Peter as an inside man, to manipulate Fringe Division, akin to Fauxlivia in season three. A revelation could be dropped at the end of the eighth or ninth episode, before the Christmas Break, that the REAL Peter Bishop never returned, thereby propelling the last half of the season into a "we have to rescue our Peter" storyline.

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