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Beyond The Fringe Comic #1: Chapter B

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DC Comics has unofficially released the B-story for "Beyond The Fringe: Chapter 1" (the official release date is October 12). The direct-to-digital comic series is available now for $0.99 via

Here is the official description:
In the second chapter of BEYOND THE FRINGE, visit an alternate reality where Peter never died as a young boy and Walter never "broke" the two universes. Join a teenage Peter as he escapes his father for a "night on the town" - exploring a world very different than our own!
Order "Beyond The Fringe" here


fringeobsessed said...

Thanks for posting this, Dennis.
It sounds like fun.

Matthew M said...

Why can't they have this available on AMAZON? I don't want to get involved with yet another on-line distributer, Amazon and ITunes is quite enough, thank you very much!

cortexifan said...

Matthew M
I totally agree!

Dennis said...

Does Amazon sell digital comic books?

Anonymous said...

my name is also Matthew M and I agree with you alternate self

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