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Fringe Schedule For The Rest Of 2011

      Email Post       10/14/2011 01:40:00 PM      

Tonight on Fringe is the all new episode "Subject 9", but next week's episode will be a re-run of the Season 4 premiere "Neither Here Nor There".

Taking a one week break right now queues up the next four Fringe episodes for "Novermber Sweeps", which runs October 27 – November 23.

This block of four episodes will end with the "Fall Season Finale", making them the last four we see this year. Here is the remaining schedule for 2011:

10/14 - Subject 9 (#404) 
10/21 - Neither Here Nor There (#401 Repeat)
10/28 - Novation (#405)
11/04 - And Those We've Left Behind (#406)
11/11 - Wallflower (#407)
11/18 - Back To Where You've Never Been (#408 - Fall Finale!)

All of the Fringe episodes are now listed in the Fringe US Google Calendar.


Blue said...

I have a feeling that the break after 11/18 is going to feel like eternity..... I'm not even sure I can handle waiting two weeks after tonight!

Matthew M said...

Anyway know the 'new episodes return date' next year?

Dennis said...

I would guess January 20th, based on last's season's schedule, which started the Spring Premier on January 21.

However, there were two episodes in December last season, so they may come back a little earlier to compensate...

Anonymous said...

Why!!!!! Why do you have to take a break next week and why only 8 episodes this year. Well I guess next year I'm going to fulfill my heavy dose of fringe since it will be 14 episodes. BTW episode was amazing last night.

Anonymous said...

is so long to wait, when an episode ends, i want to watch every episode to the end of time without commercials, such a greatest show, ever fan

LC_07 said...

oh no!

Unknown said...

Oh my God, why is so long to wait, how can i handle it, 苦啊!一日如隔三秋,translate:One day to wait seems like three years...

Jeff said...

Fox is keeping the show (ie. not pulling it) for the full Nov sweeps period which runs 10/27 to 11/23. Most prime shows go into repeats for the holiday season Thanksgiving to New Years. However, Fringe taking a two month break seems odd. If it returns around 3rd week of Jan, there are only about 16 weeks left in the TV season as May season ends on the 23rd.

Anonymous said...

Probably a stupid question but: Does anyone know the shooting dates for the upcoming 2011/2012 episodes? Do they actually continue shooting them after the holiday break or in the break or did it happen already? Or could sb. post a link to some info? Would be so great!

Anonymous said...

if fox keeps screwing around with fringe after the dish network crap i may have to stop watching all fox shows .ps fox been my fav station since 1996 im32

Anonymous said...

Very disappointed to see that the next new episode is another week away! Why all the breaks anyway?!

Peter, UAE

Anonymous said...

Yeah that sucks. I checked Wikipedia and it have "Novation" Episode #405 set to air on 10/28. Now all of the sudden it has changed to 10/4! What Gives?! This is silly.


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