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Fringe Episode 403: "Alone In The World"

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Tonight on Fringe Friday is the third Fringe episode of season four "Alone In The World".

When two 12-year-old kids bully another boy, they are found dead and in just hours after dying their bodies are shockingly in an advanced state of decomposition. As the Fringe team investigates the mysterious case, they uncover an amorphous figure claiming more victims. Meanwhile, Walter becomes increasingly distracted by his hallucinations.

After the show, get more information on "Alone In The World" at:

Also, don't forget to check back here after the episode for Observer sightings, Glyph codes, and other Fringe Easter Eggs.

How do you rate the Fringe episode "Alone In The World"?


Mel said...

WOW, just WOW at the entire episode, as a die hard Polivia fan first and foremost the ending was IMMENSE!! :D Can't wait till next week!

(sidenote...ahh,Olivia's been dreaming about him :) )

milostanfield said...

Gonna have to sit on this one a bit but right now I don't see rating "Alone…" higher than a 3 at best. This one was more about the Peter mystery, both metaphorically and actually, and I think it suffered a bit because of it.

It's probably not fair to compare the current story arc to the arc from "Over There" to "Entrada", some of the best TV I've ever seen, but that arc, so far, is a whole other level above this one. What I miss most of all is Walternate. His dual schemes, finding out how Olivia can cross over, and getting the other side to build the machine so he can destroy them, drove last season's arc much more dramatically than the "where is Peter" mystery is driving this one.

Last season's arc also had a major relationship issue, the Olivia switch, and how that profoundly affected Peter, both Olivias, Walter, and Broyles. That issue was the yin to Walternate's yang. They worked together to really drive the narrative forward, and also to set up the "aftermath" arc later in Season 3. And those arcs were built on the richness of all of the development of the last two seasons.

What we have so far is not as much. "Neither Here…" was a decent season opener, but go back and watch "Olivia". It was much better. Thankfully we had "One Night…", one of the best "standalone" eps ever. In "Alone…" we have a monster of the week ep that was basically constructed as a metaphor for what Walter is going through, but not much more than that. There is no large story like Walternate's scheming to drive things forward. There is nothing comparable to the back and forth between universes showing the peril both Peter and Olivia were in. And instead of having all of the richness of backstory, we have to figure out what part of that no longer applies, what happened differently, and whatever. That is beginning to make me feel like I'm solving a jigsaw puzzle instead of watching a dynamic dramatic narrative.

I applaud the writers for taking a risk with the "where is Peter" arc, but I'm beginning to wonder if it will pay off. Seems like this series is spinning it's wheels in neutral right now, and won't go anywhere until this arc is over. I hope it is soon.

Xindilini said...

Just noticed the camera work in this more hand held than previous episodes. That gives it a feel of a regular cop show. I am not saying that's a bad thing. Is this a sign of changes to come?

Anonymous said...

Best thing about this episode was the final scene with Olivia and Walter. Still not a fan of the new Lee, let's hope that as Peter's return nears so too do the story lines. Although I really liked last weeks episode.

FringeFreak said...

I am a big fan of this show, as well as this episode, just wonder if and when Peter comes back which Olivia is he going to cuddle with? Did the Son he had with one Olivia be part of the series? It is torture to have to wait every week for a new episode; this show is done with so well it equals any Big Buck Motion Picture.

Maegan said...

"5 stars" which I mean a billion stars. Empathy as a fungus? Are you kidding me? Peter's undying consciousness? If Fringe were a cult, I'd drink the Koolaid, the blood, and the poison without thinking twice.

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