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Fringe Easter Egg: Next Episode Clue 403

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Every episode of Fringe contains a hidden clue that foreshadows something in the next episode. In  Fringe #402 "One Night In October", the author of the book "Killer Mindscapes" is S. Pores - as in SPORES.

In the Fringe episode "Alone In The World", the fungus that attacked the two boys released spores when it was brought back to the lab:
WALTER: Spores. I--I had assumed that the mold was just a symptom of the rapid decomposition.
ASTRID: Walter, I am not following.
WALTER: The cause, Astrid... I'm starting to believe that it was an aggressive form of fungi that killed the boys.
[Transcript for "Alone In The World" from]


Newton said...

Yes great point out with the s.pores but the book below is written by a Dr. Gus the name of the organism that walter gave!

Anonymous said...

Gus is the clue!!!

Anonymous said...

@newton lol just reading the title of the book it to do with neuron's hence Gus is just a expanding bunch of Neurons as walter explains

Damian Garcia said...

I think the whole stack of books is the clue. Not only is there "S. Pores" and "Gus", but the titles all relate to the brain, neurons and the mind which hint to the mental connection between the fungus and Aaron.

Matthew M said...

You folks have way too much time on your hands!
Interesting but weird.

Anonymous said...

how about this this for a clue, the magnifying glass on the stack of paper is similar the bubble in the season 4 promo pictures. Showing maybe the possibility of a larger multiverse .

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