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Fringe Easter Egg: Next Episode Clue 404

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Every episode of Fringe contains a hidden clue that foreshadows something in the next episode. In  Fringe #403 "Alone In The World", Walter has a book on his shelf titled "Astral Projectiond and Other Psychic Phenomenon".

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In the Fringe episode "Subject 9", Cameron James was a cortexiphan subject who developed the ability to Astral Project:
OLIVIA: I thought you said you'd never seen anything like this?
WALTER: Exactly like this, no, but something similar. 25 years ago, when Belly and I did the Cortexiphan trials, there was a boy who displayed the beginnings of an ability for astral projection.
OLIVIA: Astral projection?
WALTER: The ability to travel outside the physical body.
[Transcript for "Subject 9" from

Here is a close-up view of the books:


Maria Helena said...

I really need some help!!! I'm a Fringe lover, but I live in Brazil. And I would like to know when will Fringe be aired here. I've searched in the internet in an attempt to discover a way to watch Fringe on TV, but I coundn't find any... I've watched all the last three seasons so I could follow this season four....please, help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just can't take this anymore, I need Fringe!

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