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Ratings:Fringe Scares Up Small Gain

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Ratings: Fringe Scares Up Small Gain, Nikita Dips, Supernatural Holds Steady
Matt Webb Mitovich

The promise of Peter’s imminent return perhaps played a part in perking up Fringe‘s latest numbers.
The Fox drama, with 3.24 million total viewers and a 1.3 rating, rebounded from last week’s all-time low to gain 8 percent in the demo. It also notched a 6 percent bump in total audience.

In fact, Fringe was one of only two Friday programs to register a week-to-week gain in the demo, and the only show to bring in additional viewers.

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Suhara said...

One step at a time :)

Fringie6989 said...

Go Fringe Go Fringe!

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't anyone get that this show is for people who are intellectual. The reason the ratings drop is because most people can not keep up with it or other reason is it is just Friday and people go out. But I think it has to do with peoples intellectual such as understanding what is happening with Peter gone now. I wish this show moved to Monday and call it Sci-fi Monday's and that might help boost rating also for Tera Nova. House should really be after or before Bones which would work better. Typical of Fox doing this.

Anonymous said...

yeah agreed with the going out thing! I LOVE Fringe, but I am a college student who is gonna go out and drink with friends on a Friday! It pains me to ever miss it and I watch it ASAP! I still can't get over how many people aren't watching it though! I felt the same way with Lost, like it hurts me to know how dumb American TV viewers are....

g33k said...

Maybe in addition to episode reviews there should be a 'Episode summary for dummies' or (less insultingly) 'Episode FAQ' article every week on Fringe sites that would answer or clarify the FAQ for the previous episode. Not really a recap, but Q&A for people who might have missed the details or not caught something that was a previous episode reference.

Come to think of it that would be some really cool content to add that would make a site unique. HEY FRINGETELEVISION ADMINS, YOU LISTENING?

Charity said...

Chose to watch "Sanctuary" as it aired live for the premiere (and I'm glad I did) but this week I'll watch "Fringe" live, and then rotate them for the rest of Sanctuary's shorter season. (WHY must they be on at the same time? WHY?)

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