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10 Bubble Shows-Which Will Survive?

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Today's News: Our Take 10 Bubble Shows — Which Will Survive?
 Oct 19, 2011 10:01 PM ET
 by Adam Bryant and Denise Martin

  We're mere weeks into the new TV season, and already the freshman class has provided some bona fide hits (hello, girls both New and 2 Broke!) But while some shows started strong, several others faltered out of the gate (RIP, The Playboy Club, Free Agents, How to Be a Gentleman and Charlie's Angels!) Which shows will be next? These 11 are in the most danger, due to low ratings, poor performances among younger viewers and other typical bad signs. Is your favorite show on the list?

 4. Fringe (Fox) Fridays at 9/8c The Good News: Well...on Fridays, the bar is still very low! In its most recent outing, Fringe delivered a 1.2 rating/4 share in the demo, which isn't that far from Friday-night leader CSI: NY (1.7/5). And Fox President of Entertainment Kevin Reilly is a fan. "It was one of the great victories for us last season," Reilly said in August. "We were cheering the Friday night victory for Fringe... I don't expect explosive growth [this fall]..." The Bad News: Hmm, what's the opposite of explosive growth? Because that's what seems instead to have happened to Fringe. Viewership has dropped significantly between the Season 3 finale (5.83 million) — which ended on a mind-boggling, Peter-"killing" cliffhanger! -- and the most recent Season 4 numbers (3.16 million). Was the latest twist too much for even Fringe's most die-hard fans?

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C mellor said...

The whole Peter dissapearing and the two worlds working together thing was a lot to swallow...but not too much to keep this die hard fan away.. I'm sure the best is yet to come.

Anonymous said...

So wrong. Season 3 finale was watched 3.29 Million viewers and NOT 5.83 million.
Embarrassing article hence.

ObservetteMARCH said...

I hate this articles take on Fringe. It's as if the person that wrote it wants it to get axed. I will NEVER give up on this show and I know that the best is yet to come.I am sick of the fact that those mindless cop/lawyer/doctor procedural dramas that you literally don't need an IQ to understand get 6-8 seasons while our show gets snubbed. Those procedural cop etc shows are all the same,like soap operas. You could watch most of them with the volume muted and still get what's going on: bad guys tortures and kills random people that are strangers to the audience(no emotional investment).Then the hero cops interview all the stereotypical witnesses.Then they do some DNA testing and identify what brand of traiers the killer wore....And boom.Then the BIG cliffhanger....drum roll...THE COPS CATCH THE KILLER,(who's usually the stereotype jealous best friend, girlfriend/boyfriend,wife/husband or wait for it: a work collage) then they shoot him a oh so cliche one liner like: "Guess you're plan wasn't THAT fool proof ha?!!!" or "You won't be smelling roses where you're going!" Ugh...*stomach turning*
Fringe is intelligent and it's viewers actually have a brain.In return they get pure adrenalin pumping original story lines and edge of your seat entertainment. Fringe fans also fall in love with Fringe. It touches our hearts and souls and stimulates every cell in our body. I think that the one misconception about Fringe is that it is just a sci-fi show. Fringe runners need to think of a way to get rid of that "stigma". I personally wasn't a big sci-fi fan when I started watching Fringe and have since realized that it is not just a show for sci-fi fans. It fits so many gainers: Drama, Action, Thriller and it even some Comedy in every episode! Everyone should give this show a go regardless of they're taste! I've never met a person that I recommended this show to that didn't end up totally hooked and surprised how amazing it actually is.I think that the reason a lot of people that aren't willing to give Fringe a chance is because they aren't into typical sci-fi shows. Or they think ughh, it's just about blood and guts and dissecting alien corpses. Fringe is not CSI nor is it anything like The X-Files which everyone keeps comparing it too. This show needs an advertising campaign that shows that Fringe is so much more then just sci-fi, it's a show about the most amazing characters, it's a show that satisfies both the mind and the heart and it definitely has something for everyone. That's what people that don't watch it need to know.

It's either that or 90% of the public has s*#^ taste and if that's the case, unfortunately we'll be stuck with cop/lawyer/doctor procedural crap forever.

LONG LIVE FRINGE: Saving us from bad TV since 2008.

Anonymous said...

@ObservetteMARCH Amen to that!!!

@Anon above: they counted the DVR ratings for last season`s finale but didn`t bother to count them now for the premiere :-D. I love how stupid those journalists can be :-D


cortexifan said...

I have added Fringe in the TV Network Drama and Crime Show at the people's choice awards.
Don't forget to vote in Fringe in those categories as well as Anna And John.

And WATCH LIVE next week. The next four episodes are important!

Fringe Rocks! And it needs to stay!

FringeFan said...

These journalists need to be taught how to tell the truth. The season 3 FINALE was watched by 3.29 million viewers and not 5.83. That was the number for the season 3 PREMIERE. And that rating INCREASED with season 4 premiere to 3.48. These lies are hurting the show, creating the wrong impression on those who don't or are just starting to, watch this great show. Dude, if you're publishing something, at least get your facts right.

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