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Fringe Discuss: What Is Different In The New Timeline?

      Email Post       10/05/2011 03:00:00 PM      

It's Wednesday, and time for another round of Fringe Discuss, where we throw out a question to you and you post your opinions.

Recently in an interview with Maris Roffman of, executive producer Jeff Pinkner, said the following regarding the lack of Peter Bishop's influence on other characters in the series:
[Peter's] influence on the characters on the other side only dates back to the end of season 2. So things on that side are far less touched by Peter’s presence. Having said that, alt-Broyles was dead because he helped Olivia escape. So we can assume that because he’s alive, that didn’t happen. Elsewhere, without trying to set up a game, there are obvious clues and opportunities for the audience to figure out what’s different and what’s the same because of Peter’s presence. And we’re not trying to be elusive. With the things that are important, we will make very plain. And with the others that are less important, we will allow to color the show.

Today's Fringe Discuss question: What other changes, due to a lack of Peter Bishop, do you think the executive producers "will make very plain" in the upcoming episodes?

Please post your comments below, and remember that spoilers do NOT belong here! Fringe spoilers are very welcome at the "Fringe Spoilers" page you can access by clicking on "Fringe Spoilers" at the top of this page.

Also, please be courteous of your fellow posters, as there are no right or wrong answers to this week's question, just healthy speculations.


Ezhik said...

I'm quite interested in that machine, and how the universes collided.
I believe that it all was going the same, until when the other (our? how do I even call him?) Peter got ill and our Walter went to save him. Then something went wrong, perhaps Walternate's vaccine failed, or when Walter and Peter fell through the ice, they weren't saved by the Observer, although Walter somehow survived.
This however leaves some questions though, like how did Walternate discover our universe?
Walter probably still did the Cortexiphan trials, and Olivia traveled to Walternate's office.
Once we know at what point the timeline split would make figuring everything out a bit easier.

Ezhik said...

Considering how Peter may be back in this messed up timeline, the machine could be a similar one to what Walter built in the normal timeline.
Also I'm pretty worried about Observers. Shouldn't they see that Peter would come back and fix that?
They did notice Peter "glitching" to reality..
Perhaps September would save the day?

mrwickey said...

So if Peter doesn't exist... then does Walter still own Massive Dynamic? Where's Nina and Brandon?? and Belly? Is there even a Massive Dynamic?

Xindilini said...

William Bell may yet be alive or dead, but Over Here instead. Nina could be CEO of Massive Dynamic because of Walter's current state of mind.

My pet theory. Peter is result of some test tube conception. There may be one version of him in both universes, but there could be more than one person fitting his description, with different identities. Not that far fetched since they did that on Law & Order SVU

Dave Thompson said...

Only Wednesday! Damn Fringe why do you have to be so good?

Count Screwloose said...

Over here on our side, the World Trade Center is still standing.

You heard it here first.

KMR83 said...

Maybe Olivia does not drink her coffee black now. Maybe she was not able to disarm the bomb by turning off the lights seeing Peter was not there.
Peter still exists in the future according to Pinker & Wyman & Walter created the machine then & tuned it to Peter so how did the other side get the machine to operate without Peter or the his child? The last episode revealed that Walternate thought the machine would destroy our side but instead created a bridge.
Maybe Alt Nina will become known as the one resp for all the chaos we have seen this season.

g33k said...

I've posted this elsewhere, so I'm recopying it here:

1) In 'Neither Here Nor There' Olivia took 5 shots to kill the shapeshifter and Lincoln only took about 3 to kill his. I think this shows that Olivia was never imprinted with Fauxlivia's memories because those memories left her with sharpshooter skills (see S3 concentrate and ask again). If she was never imprinted with those memories, its likely because Walternate didn't need to experiment on her and she never worked in the over there Fringe division. She was probably just held.

2) Orangeverse Olivia killed her stepfather, instead of holding back when he dared her to kill her. (maybe that's why she doesn't to respond to Fauxlivia's jabs now)

3) We know that Peter died twice from Walter's offhand comment in 'Neither here nor there', so we *might* be able to assume events before his death are the same.

4) We know there is a massive dynamic, because in 'Neither Here Nor There' the logo was on the wall in the bridge room.

5) We know Olivia still has a REALLY good memory for numbers, because after the professor had taken off with the photograph of the father by the tractor, she was able to recall the license plate on the tractor perfectly for them to trace back at the 'over there' headquarters. Fauxlivia doesn't have a photographic memory (at least they haven't shown us that she does in this version of events) so this suggests that Orangeverse Olivia got the ability - which has been there ever since she can remember - from early cortexiphan trials, not the later ones.

6) We DON'T know when Walternate found out about his machine, the prophesy drawings (and he had both), and started building them.

7) We DON'T know if the September interrupted Walternate at all in S2's Peter, or if he just didn't save Peter and Walter from drowning in the lake (well didn't save Peter anyway) to course correct the timeline.

8) We don't know WHICH partner died from the 'translucence infection' that Olivia described to Lincoln in the premiere. She never mentions John Scott by name. Could it be Charlie that died when she joined Fringe division, and there was no John Scott?

9) We DON'T know who is behind the new breed of shapeshifters, and we don't know what the old ones were like now either. Could this be what the shapeshifters may have been like without Belly's help designing them? Or are they rebel shapeshifters breaking off from Walternate's mission to live their lives free and they had to change their technology to do it?

10) We know Walternate did not have to come over to get Peter (S2's the man from the other side) because he was dead, so he probably sent Fauxlivia in his place. Because he would have known a mass switch was needed (from Newton's early experiments) he would have kidnapped Olivia to the other side to avoid up front damage that would have had his mission discovered.)

DocH said...

1) Walter got MassDyn in Bell's will after everyone assumed he'd died. Bell (seemingly) died after sending Walter, Bolivia and PETER back to this universe. Since Peter is not part of the THAT incident maybe the "Bell Farewell" incident never happened... therefore Walter never took control of MassiveD.

2) Look at what they have given us so far. Newer, fancier, bio-savvy, shapeshifter types running loose AND, at the same time, Peter is trying to contact the one man/team in this universe that can stop the invasion. Remembering Peter has the "time-travel" DNA - my bet is that the "improved" shifters come from the future. They may have been sent to this timeline to disrupt what the Observers were setting right Now, Peter is stepping-in to counter whatever game the new baddies are bringing. Doesn't it make sense to send your 'army of shifters from the future’ back to the exact timeframe (days after) the two universes started working together. That is where Peter is (currently)... the future.

3) Since Peter hasn't been part of the current timeline, many of the bad guys that got tossed in jail, or died, in the first three seasons may still be on the loose and may have survived to act badly in the future. Imagine D.R. Jones and a half dozen ZFT-type cronies still out there because Peter wasn't here to capture them. Future ZFT could still be pulling the kind of crap they did on the citizenry. They could be in 2026 and aligned with Moreau, Walternate, Mitch Loeb, etc....

4) We don't know how many timelines Peter has experienced since he vanished from Liberty Island. He may be bouncing around time and doing his own thing - like the Observers like to do. We assumed that when Peter vanished - he NEVER existed. Observers semantics = as far as these folks here know, he never existed. Peter may be 'taste-testing' many (dozens/hundreds) timelines in the few weeks since he established the joint-lab on Liberty Island. Peter may return as 'the-man-with-the-plan' if/when he returns to the timeline we are watching now... which I guess would reset (for the viewer’s eye) to a newer, third timeline.


g33k said...

related to 10 - because he sent Fauxlivia over to get the part of the machine - Walter told this to Lincoln in "One Night in October". I'm not sure if the 'over here' team already knew about the machine and the first people or not. I'm guessing not.

g33k said...

11) Forgot this one - we know the cortexiphan trials from when she was 8 didn't need to happen because Peter had died and Walter was only doing them again in an effort to try and get Peter home. This means that Orangeverse Olivia would not have crossed into Walternate's office and told him about the other universe and Peter, so he wouldn't have know Olivia could cross universes or that there was anything special about her to experiment on in the future.

DocH said...

Thinking Bad Robot Modus Operandi of linking pivotal episodes/plot themes in unique ways -- My bet is that toward the end of Season 4 (May Sweeps or finale cliffhanger), we will see a return to 2026. We will jump to the moment that Peter disappeared from that timeline and returned to 2011. Of course that timeline will different than the one we saw at the end of last season. Olivia will be alive: Ella, Astrid, ZFT, etc... will all be tweaked because THAT timeline changes when Peter vanishes from it. Of course, before it changed, their history included 15 years of joint cooperation on Liberty Island.

fringeobsessed said...

First, I want to say bravo to all of the comments above. This is JJ Abrams' goal, to get us all thinking critically in what I call "Fringe Chess."

Xindilini said:My pet theory. Peter is result of some test tube conception. There may be one version of him in both universes, but there could be more than one person fitting his description, with different identities.

I agree with that. Walter said in 2.02 "We're all mutants. What's more remarkable... is how many of us appear to be normal," as the camera pans to a smiling Peter. And also, we learned of all those identical 'Tylers' in the Penrose-Carson experiments in "Of Human Action," so we know Bell's company could do that. And I think this links back to Bell's elusive comment in "Over There:Part 2":You're holding up better than I would have thought. Yeah, something's definitely weird about Peter B's past that hasn't been explained yet, and I'll bet you a box of red vines it has to do with Walter & Belly and experimentation.

I would like to see the executive producers address David Robert Jones and Elizabeth Bishop in this current "orange" timeline. Think they will?

Stella said...

I also think Peter is a test tube concoction. There are lots of dialogue and lines and phrases that hint to that, including the one Belly said. I think he was created and introduced in the time loop as a game changer, for the sole purpose of creating that bridge. That's why the Observers said "he served his purpose".

I also think, since past episodes always tie in, that maybe Walter saying that people sometimes die twice didn't refer to Peter dying on this universe and the other, but that maybe Peter died here and Walter managed to reanimate him, but then he died again. Like on Marionette. Like the dove in Neither Here Not There.

Also, someone said in a post somewhere that Brown Betty is the mother of all foreshadowing. Well... what about all that business with Peter's heart. Wasn't someone running around without a heart in that episode? Guess what? Heartless man in Marionette.

Peter's heart was also split in two in Brown Betty right? I think that is a metaphore for something that will also come into play soon.

fringeobsessed said...

Stella said,"someone said in a post somewhere that Brown Betty is the mother of all foreshadowing. Well... what about all that business with Peter's heart. Wasn't someone running around without a heart in that episode? Guess what? Heartless man in Marionette."

Yes. That in combination with Nina's words to Liv in 'Brown Betty' about PB being dangerous feel like a potential warning.

"Peter's heart was also split in two in Brown Betty right? I think that is a metaphore for something that will also come into play soon."

Could be!

Anonymous said...

Roscoe Joyce's son is alive and Violet Sedan Chair made more then one album.

Ezhik said...

I was right about the lake part!

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