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Fringe: Here Is Peter Bishop (Producer Interviews)

      Email Post       10/27/2011 01:38:00 PM      

Here is the latest in the Where Is Peter Bishop? video series, featuring interviews with fringe executive producers Jeff Pinkner and Joel Wyman.

There's a few new clips in this video, so you may not want to watch if you are avoiding spoilers. One more day (hopefully)!


fringeobsessed said...

Thanks for this, Dennis. Another excellent Joel & Jeff interview.

SECRETARY BISHOP: Do you know what it's like... to wake up and just for a moment... think that everything is as it was? And then to realize it's not... that the nightmare you had was real.

I think Peter will quickly know what Walternate was talking about in 3.22!

Old Darth said...

'This show LIVES with consequences.'

Man, I love these guys!

You know, in an awesome, they totally get good storytelling, show runners extraordinaire admiration; kind of way! ;-)

tvnut014 said...

-twitches- this show is amazing. This cannot be stressed enough. I have a friend who stopped watching Fringe after season 2. She just never started watching season 3. I'm SO close to committing homicide here.

Laura008 said...

My only hope is that we really get the old relationships back this season and not in 4.22 in the last 5 minutes!!! I miss original timeline Walter and his relationship with Peter and POlIVIA so much!!!!And I really hope that when we finally get our Polivia back than not for 2 episodes and one another obstacle split them up but they should stay together for good:))) I must admit that is a little bit annoying to almost have them one minute together and the second brought apart and it could be not so annoying if they were togeher at least for a half of the season:)! And now we have once again to wait till they find the way to eachother again:((((((
Still this New Timeline and Not knowing Peter storyline ist very interesting and if we only knew that at the end we get back old relationships back it will be genius and amazing!!!!!

Daniel said...

Anyone know if the musical underscore is on any of the soundtracks? I'm really a fan of what they did with these promos...

Sailships said...

You guys are VERY intelligent, and I'm loving how much passion you put into this show! Keep it coming! We'll always support you!

Anonymous said...

Guys i just realized something....where is Gene???

Kit said...

Am I the only person who wants the whole Polivia dynamic to stay changed? Peter has seen the future, he has experienced life with Olivia and knows what that is like, why not take the road not traveled with Bolivia now that he has the opportunity?

Maybe I am just biased because I like Lincoln and OurOlivia so much and have always felt the chemistry between Peter and OurOlivia to be a bit flat. At least Peter and Bolivia are a bit edgier.

Scully8 said...

Kit -- You're not the only person, but I just don't see the chemistry between OurOlivia and Lincoln. Actually, they seem like brother and sister more than anything.
I do hope POLIVIA survives, but I don't mind them finding their way back to each other in this new timeline. I am curious to see how Peter will react when he meets NT Altlivia -- let's see if the spark is still there! I can't wait for the new episode.

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