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Fringe:Discuss-How will Peter Bishop Respond to Olivia's Asking Him Who He Is?

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It's Wednesday, and time for another installment of our weekly feature, 'Fringe:Discuss,'where we pose a question and ask for your comments.

Two weeks ago, "Subject 9," ended with our Olivia asking Peter Bishop (gulp!)"Who are you?" So this week's question starts where last week's episode ended:
Q. How will Peter Bishop respond to Olivia's asking him who he is?

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Zepp said...

My name is Peter Bishop. I'm the guy that you are passionate about, even though we do not know!

Erin M. said...

Peter is definitely the type of guy that doesn't show all his cards at once. His genius IQ will help him to quickly realize that no one knows who he is.

But knowing everything about everyone else will help him...he knows how hesitant Olivia is to trust people, and going right into the "I'm your boyfriend" thing isn't going to fly.

He'll start by telling them he's Walter's son (which we've seen on the previews) and then he'll try to use his case knowledge to gain their trust. I think if we don't ever get back to our original Blueverse timeline, he's going to have to essentially start over with Olivia, which, with her slightly different personality, could prove to be interesting!

No matter how it plays out, I know the writers are going to do a fantastic job with it. I can't wait to see what happens!

Christoph said...

I agree with Erin W....Peter is smart enough, he will understand after meeting these people that something happened (just look at the trailer when he asks Walter for help)

I think we have to go back to an early Alias line that JJ used for sydney and her mum "Trust takes time" and in this case it is almost the same....Trusting Peter will just take time and time with fringe is something im happy to have...

Riley said...

I think Peter will tell her who he is. "I'm Peter...Peter know Walter's son?!" Then Olivia will probably say something like "That's impossible. Walter's son died." In which case Peter will tell her that he needs to talk to Walter. Olivia will probably be hesitant but ultimately Peter will convince her to let him talk to Walter.
I am so excited to see the upcoming episode. It's going to be awesome I'm sure!!

Anonymous said...

What is curious is the coming show descriptions that say that they are trying to get Peter home....

Christoph said...

I've been thinking some more on the topic, and perhaps Peter thinks he has jumpped timelines....thinking his previous timeline is actually running parallel to the one he is in now. Maybe he will ask walter to help him build something to jump back across timelines...which wont work...then we will have a fall cliff hanger with September coming to explain 'Everything is where is needs to be, just (insert long observer pause) different"

UGH the possibilities are endless and thats what i love...the show and the endless speculation you can come up with between episodes!!!!

Dobbins said...

Opening sequence in episode 4x05:

"How do ma'am? My Name? Pete 'The Hammer' Bishop. Me? I'm a professional baseball player. Yup, that was me you saw last night hitting the grand slam homerun in the top of the ninth to lead the Rangers over the Cardinals. If I didn't, we wouldn't be having this conversation right now. I needed a booty-call bigtime."

cortexifan said...

awesome. so pray that the Rangers win or that it rains on Friday :)

milostanfield said...

DNA testing is the elephant in the room. It would be too easy to resolve everything that way, at least in terms of verifying who he says he is, so I am assuming that the writers have found a way around that.

In light of what Christoph posted about parallel timelines, the title of the fall finale, "Back To Where You've Never Been", becomes more intriguing.

NI said...

Peter will respond with his typical:

" Oooof course "

Dennis said...

Peter needs to be careful ... he may figure out quickly that they don't know him, but he'll need to realize at he doesn't fully know who they are now. Things he remembers about their past may have changed in this new timeline.

trent said...

@ milostanfield:

It's the fact that it's so easy, that would make the lack of a DNA test unbelievable. Obviously they shouldn't start DNA tests, just because a stranger says he's Walter's son, but once they realize he knows so much stuff, that should be the first step, if only to discard his crazy claim.

I don't think Peter will tell Olivia about their relationship. He must know that wouldn't go too well.

fringeobsessed said...

Good point, Dennis.
And I agree, trent, Peter knows how to handle people, although a slightly different Olivia might throw him off balance a bit-I'd love to see that!

@milostanfield Agreed. I am also looking forward to David Fury's second episode, "Back To Where You've Never Been." It sounds quite intruiging, and I have theories, but they cannot be discussed here.

Lccf said...

I guess he'd say something simple, like "It's me, Peter !" Or maybe ( to himself ) "I've got a bad feeling about this ..." ' I know, I know, I've had too much Star Wars lately ... )
On a side note, I theorized last year that Olivia would be detained when she returns from the other side since she couldn't prove she was the real one ( having Fauxlivia's memories instead of her own ) ... I was wrong for her, but now it seems they're doing it with Peter ! I'm not sure a DNA test would prove he's the one he claims he is, I guess the Observers will have to be involved to tell everyone what happened ... but since Walter never met them in this timeline, they wouldn't be trusted either !!!

Old Darth said...

We don't know Walter has never met September for sure. He may be keeping that knowledge to himself.

Also he must have seen September with Walternate as in the 'Peter' episode

fringeobsessed said...

"Also he must have seen September with Walternate as in the 'Peter' episode."

I would have to agree with that, OD, although we don't know EXACTLY what happened in that scene in this current timeline unless someone tells us.

Dennis said...

He may have seen "some bald man" in Walternate's lab, but if Walter never met September at Reiden Lake, he wouldn't know anything about the Observers.

milostanfield said...

Also bear in mind that none of these people yet know that they are in an "alternate" timeline. We do, and the Observers do, but P & O & W will have to piece that together. Similar to how we knew the Olivias were switched last season but most everyone else didn't.

I'm assuming here that Peter only knows what happened to him at the end of S3 and nothing since, so he's gonna be all WTF, and W & O will seek more rational explanations for his presence and knowledge, i.e. are you a spy from the other side (the irony being that he actually IS from the other side).

In the old timeline Walter was the one who came up with the ingenious ideas, and Olivia was the one who got the case solved no matter what it took. So now Peter will look for that in them at first. He will have to get his bearings with the revised W & O, much as we have the first four eps this season. So I guess we will be sharing our omniscience with Peter this season rather than Sec. Bishop, altBrandon, and Colonel Broyles in S3.

Kate said...

I think Peter will first say the obvious "I'm Peter Bishop. Walter's son. Remember?" and when it's clear that THESE people don't know who he is, he will have to ask himself: which universe am I in? And from the promos it's clear that he believes that (I don't think this is a spoiler) "something went wrong".
On my own personal side note, how many "resets" are we gonna have? I want my blue universe back, and I want it now.

trent said...

"On my own personal side note, how many "resets" are we gonna have?"

As many as they want. They are using this reset to fix things they didn't like and to pick and choose, which plots they want to deal with. The moment they get stuck and they don't know how to get the story going, they will do another reset.

Camilo Garrido said...

"Who might I be? I'm just an astral projection. Oh wait..."

Recalling a Peter/Walter past (never happened) dialogue.

Anonymous said...

First, I'm deeply disappointed that Fringe will not be shown tonight. :( But for the sake of entertaining myself until then, I've come up with some similar theories to add in.

I'm really intrigued by the idea of parallel timelines occurring simultaneously. That's very possible in the Fringe world. And I also keep thinking about that description about the Fringe team "helping Peter get home". So there is a possibility of Peter going back to the old timeline and to his Olivia. AND especially after learning his lesson with not knowing the difference between Fauxlivia and Olivia, I really don't see him kanoodling with new Olivia any time soon.

With that said, I would love for him to go back to the original timeline, but somehow I don't see the writers wanting to go back bc what would be the endgame with that timeline? I feel as tho that timeline has reached its limit as far as storylines go.. Then again.. there is still baby Henry, but who knows.. That could also be one of many storylines that they decided to toss out.

Can't wait!


LC_07 said...

Trent, I don't tihnk the resets are a way to "fix things they didn't like", but to explore the endless possibilities that the show provides.

I don't remember if it was at the end of season 2 or the early season 3, they gave an interview where they said that season 1 was about establishing the "family" and the relationships of those 3 characters and Fringe division; season 2 was about Walter, discovering who that man was and the things he had done; season 3 would be about Olivia. So, the logical thing to do is to have season 4 be about Peter. The way they are doing it might be unexpected, but it think they had planned a turn in events for a quite a while.

I don't want the old timeline, necessarily, but I do hope that on and off thing between Peter and Olivia doesn't repet itself, and that it doesn't take the whole season for that to happen either.

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