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Which Alternate Universe Fringe Character Are You?

      Email Post       10/06/2011 05:14:00 PM      

BuddyTV has a fun quiz to help you determine which Alternate universe Fringe character you are.

The possible outcomes are Fauxlivia, Walternate, Alt-Astrid, Alt-Lincoln, Alt-Broyles, Alt-Brandon, and Alt-Charlie.

The results are not scientific, so don't get too upset with the outcome (I was Fauxlivia!)

When you are done, check out the other Fringe quizzes on BuddyTV.com.


fringeobsessed said...

Yea, I'm Peter Bishop. Awesome.

Dave Thompson said...

I'm impatient! Yay!

cortexifan said...

Lol, I'm Astrid.

Matthew M said...

I'm Olivia. Guess I am more in touch with my feminine side than I realized! I hope I'm the red haired one:)

Ron E. said...

I'm Peter Bishop, but... where am i?

Xindilini said...

I put down I am happy. I have no cares... These personality made me a Peter Bishop too.

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