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Seth Gabel talks about Lincoln & Olivia, a bromance with Peter, and alt-couplings in 'Fringe'

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This is the video companion to the interview The Examiner's LA TV Insider, Danielle Turchaino had with Seth Gable recently.

Below is part of Danielle's interview:

VIDEO: 'Fringe's' Seth Gabel talks Olivia interest, Peter bromance & alt-Lincoln
Danielle Turchiano, LA TV Insider Examiner
October 6, 2011

For some Fringe fans, Lincoln Lee (Seth Gabel) may be seen as a third wheel-- or an otherwise threat to Olivia (Anna Torv) and Peter (Joshua Jackson)'s relationship. But we don't believe you should feel that way. For one thing, as John Noble pointed out, Walter has let Lincoln into his lab-- so if Walter can extend him some trust, we probably should, too. But more importantly, it's not Lincoln's fault that he and Olivia have been pushed together in this new version of the universe without Peter-- nor is it his fault that Olivia has no memory of Peter. And thankfully, once Peter does return (which is sooner, rather than later!), he and Lincoln end up working together, too, in many ways.

"Lincoln and Peter seem to get along. They have-- ah, I hate the word bromance, but they get along well. Whatever the definition of bromance is without using that word, though now I just used it I don't think there's a competitive nature there. I'm hoping because there are alts of each person but only one Peter, that ultimately Lincoln and Peter can be happy in some way," Gabel shared when LA TV Insider Examiner visited the Vancouver set* of Fringe earlier this week.

You can read the entire interview with Seth Gable here.


Matthew M said...

Fun guy. "Bromance" ? Why would any guy say that!?! YUK!
Would like to see both Lincoln's work a case together like both Olivia's did.
Hope people tune in tonight. What happened last week? It was such an outstanding episode. People are strange.

cortexifan said...

Everyone, watch LIVE if you can.

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