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Fringe Friday Flashback: Science Of Fringe

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If you haven't been following Fringe online since the very beginning, there may be a few interesting Fringe stories that you may have missed. Every week on Fringe Friday Flashback, we will look back and some interesting posts from the past that might be worth a second look.

Back in August 2008, even before the first Fringe episode aired, the Fox promotional machine was running at full throttle. "Science Of Fringe" was a short series of videos that explained various fields of Fringe science: Neuroimaging, Telekinesis, Paranormal, and Nanotechnology.

To further explore the concepts of real-life "fringe" science, the mysterious site was revealed in the Fringe pilot episode. The site hasn't been updated in years, but at the time chronicled real news stories with Fringe science concepts.


Matthew M said...

really bland, huh?

RainPepito said...

really bland! nobuddy wantz to rehash bland topics. if they wernt important enough to explore the first time, they arnt worth raking up again.

Dennis said...

"Yeah, well, that's just, like, your opinion, man."

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