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Fringe Repeat: "Neither Here Nor There"

      Email Post       10/21/2011 07:19:00 PM      

Tonight's episode of Fringe is a repeat of the Fringe season 4 premier episode "Neither Here Nor There".

As we mentioned previously, after this week's baseball/sweeps break, we will have four new Fringe episodes, with the Fringe "Fall Season Finale" on November 18th.

There will not be a "Watch Fringe Live And Win" contest tonight, but the FringeTelevision chat room will be open if you would like to chat about tonight's episode.

You can also continue the discussion on "Neither Here Nor There" in the Fringe episode post.


Randy said...

Three episodes into the new season, and you play a re run? I don't have time for that. Goodby!

Anonymous said...

All these constant breaks and really short seasons leave people angry and frustrated. The show just came back on but the season will be over on Nov 18th? C'mon... this is why tv sucks all the time now... short seasons and then they play rerun garbage over and over.

Bob said...

frustrated it is, but we will all be back for more......

Anonymous said...

What a waste of a great show! The other comments are right. How can you call that a season, Get a clue what viewers want, This is why Cable networks can beat out OTA nets.

Anonymous said...

A short season AND a rerun... I love Fringe but they need to/FOX needs to improve and cater to their viewers better.

Anonymous said...

We love Fringe but hate the way it is broken up and it was a mistake to take Peter out for so long...the show isn't as good.

Travis said...

Wait, for real? The season is only 8 episodes? And they took a break last night for a rerun?

Didn't you learn from Firefly and all those other good shows you raped and killed, Fox?

Anonymous said...

This show is really really good. I wonder why such a short season??

cortexifan said...

it is a full season. There is just a break over the holidays. It will air 4 new episodes in Nov and then return in January.
Just keep watching.
And a re-run of Fringe to fill a time slot is better than anything else.
True fans, please stick with it.

fringeobsessed said...

Cortexifan is correct.
If you check last fall's schedule it was pretty similar. This is what FOX does with this show.
But it's one of the BEST shows out there, if not THE BEST.

So PLEASE watch episode 405 next Friday, October 28th at 9PM, and support Fringe, not bash it!

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmmmmm.... I think it will have the same fate as many others good shows!!!

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