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Anna Torv Talks 'Fringe' Ratings, Peter's Return

      Email Post       10/18/2011 09:23:00 AM      

This is a new video from the Associated Press on YouTube, in which Anna Torv talks about Peter's return, and her thoughts on the Nielsen ratings.


Suhara said...

"I've never met anyone who has a black box. In my life. I'd love to meet someone who actually has one!"

Thank you Anna for speaking EXACTLY what's been on my mind ever since Fringe ratings began going down. I find the Nielsen rating system ridiculous. So ridiculous it's actually funny. I've heard that it like 1% of people who have these Nielsen boxes, so how can you judge how well a show is doing based on 1% on people?!

On a side note do any of you guys that watch Fringe actually have a Nielsen box?

Anonymous said...

Love LOVE Anna Torv. She just has such a charismatic yet down to earth personality. I love the character of Olivia so much more because of her. (Joshua needs to dump Diane... lol.. jk.. love her too)


Anonymous said...

Yes we are invested! Now I am always hanging out for more Anna Torv/Seth Gabel loveliness on either side of the bridge.

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