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Anna Torv Teases Fringe Episode "Subject 9"

      Email Post       10/14/2011 02:25:00 PM      

Anna Torv stopped by MTV News earlier in the week to talk about the new season of "Fringe," and they asked her to tease what's going down in tonight's fourth episode, titled "Subject 9." Though she initially had some trouble dropping hints — "I'm just such a bad tease," she laughed — she did offer a very tantalizing clue regarding how Olivia's past has changed in light of this new continuity.


Old Darth said...

For us non-US residents can someone tell us what the tease is? Please and thanks.

Dennis said...

If you read the MTV News article, she basically says that "there are quite a few clues as to what happened in Olivia's past with the Cortexiphan trials in this timeline."

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