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Observiews 4.02 One Night in October

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Welcome to the Observiews for Season 4 of Fringe. I call them Observiews because they are more visual observations than deep thinking reviews, if that makes sense.

All screen caps are taken from FringeFiles.com. All observations are mine and therefore could be totally off the wall, and/or wrong. I have not read or looked at any recaps or reviews.

2.15 Peter
Olivia: “I don’t even know… how to begin to work this out.” 
That’s what I feel like. This week’s episode was awesome and so full of deep thinking stuff that I’m glad I chose to go the visual route :)
The glyphs have already been spelled out and the Observer has already been sighted so I’ll skip that part.

Let me try to recap before I dive into details.
We have a case of the week where someone drains people’s happy memories. The murders happen on the other side though. Astrid is trying to hook up Olivia with Lincoln from our side but she refuses. Walter is still going crazy, covering everything up so he won’t see the man in the mirror. Fauxlivia asks Olivia to help in this investigation and so Olivia reluctantly goes to the other side. Turns out, the killer over there is a professor over here and his assistance is also needed. Of course nothing works out the way it should and now fires have to be put out. Olivia has memorized a license plate with which they can find the location of the killer. The professor is trying to meet with “himself”, to stop the killings but becomes a victim himself. Because of different choices made, although the same person, they have had different lives. One was influenced by good, the other by bad. In the end the killer kills himself and the professor is rescued but doesn’t remember anything, not even the person who influenced him in a good way. All he remembers is a phrase. Back at the lab, Walter is hearing voices again and of course it’s Peter asking for help.

So this is the device with which the killer drains the memories. It is attached to the victim’s head.
Tapping into other people’s memories is nothing new to Fringe. In 1.04 The Arrival the Rogue Observer listened to Peter’s memories to find out where the Beacon is.

Green and red in the lab with amber-ish colored blankets. Walter is covering up everything. He’s afraid he’s going to see Peter (he doesn’t know that it’s him) again.
Walter also explains shapeshifters and the alternate universe to Lincoln. His description of course is not pleasant: “… loathsome, hateful, contemptible, immoral, evil.”
Astrid is annoyed again, I guess: “Walter, we have been over this. What is in the past is in the past. We have agreed to move forward.”  Astrid’s line reminded me of Olivia’s new found confidence in 3.19 LSD: “… for some reason, I’m not afraid to move forward anymore.”
I also liked the rest of Walter’s dialog:Even I don’t have drugs strong enough to forget they kidnapped Olivia to the other side…For weeks, that awful woman pranced around my lab…She bought my ignorance with baked goods while she carried out her plan to steal pieces of the machine with that damn Portuguese sweet bread.” Yep Walter you fell right into her vag… uh plans :)
It continues with Lincoln: “You mean the machine that created the bridge?” Walter: “Yes, but that was not their intent. What they expected was for our world to be destroyed. Annihilated…” Astrid: “Walter, it did not happen.” Walter: “That doesn’t mean that I have to like them.”

Not sure if I said it last week already, but it will be really interesting to find out why they kidnapped Olivia, why there is hate between the worlds and why the machine exists.
So then Walter calls Lincoln, "Kennedy". I don’t think that needs any explanation :)
Olivia comes in, way too chipper in my opinion :) and asks about the redecoration.
And then to boot, Astrid is trying to hook her up with Lincoln. No Astrid, Olivia belongs with Peter. Do you have any idea what you’re doing to us P/O shippers? :)
But Olivia refuses: “Because if I went out with him, then I would start having second thoughts, like I always do, and then he would get hurt, and then my workplace would become awkward. And you know what? He's not even my type.” Astrid replies: “Do you ever think that maybe your type just doesn't exist?” Well Astrid, his name is Peter and he will be back soon.  J

So Olivia gets called away and finds out about a case with 23 murders. I’m going to go on a side track here about the number 23. We know that numbers are important in Fringe. 23 seems an odd number so I did some digging and this is what I found:
1.06 The Cure – Intrepus’s shares fell $23 in the stock market after Estebrook was arrested.
1.10 Safe – 23 years ago Walter hid equipment in safety deposit boxes.
1.14 Ability – The bomb was at 923 Church Street.
2.02 Night Of Desirable Objects – Walter got in contact with the paralytic substance and informed Peter he had to urinate in 23 minutes.
2.06 Earthling – The security tech informs Olivia (watching the tape) that this was 23 seconds before the victim was discovered.
3.04 Do Shapeshifters Dream Of Electric Sheep – The lab was on the 23rd floor at MD.
3.08 Bloodline – The bone expander was calibrated to 23 degrees. Ouch
3.20 6:02 AM EST – Brandonate told Walternate that baby Henry inherited 23 chromosomes from Fauxlivia.
According to wiki 23 is the atomic mass number of the stable isotope of sodium. I’m going to make the assumption that this is why they showed this.

Anyway, back to the story.
Olivia hasn’t heard about those murders before because they happened over there. Broyles informs her that Fauxlivia requested her assistance and I think, it’s not really something she’s looking forward to.

So, they cross and finally we get some red and green action again :)

They meet with Fauxlivia who explains the case and what she needs. She also says that she went through all of this with her Col. Broyles.
Uh, what, how? I guess in this time line nothing is as it used to be. Can’t wait to find out how this will be explained.

Olivia asks why they need to do it over there and Fauxlivia says: “…we want him to see where the killer was living. If--if he can, uh, interact with the space, study his belongings, he can glean something that we can't.” Olivia: “Well you hope you can.”  Fauxlivia: “Well, I lived in your apartment and I picked up a lot of things about you.” Her smirk is just evil. Grrr, okay, I don’t have anything against Fauxlivia but: be careful, you don’t really know anything about Olivia as you will later find out.

So Olivia wants to speak to Broyles: “Saving people's lives is important. Of course it is. But--but I mean, have we even thought this through?
Picture (bottom) is from 2.21 Over There Part 1, just before they cross. It’s usually Broyles who voices concerns if a plan works or not. 
They also talk about John Louis McClennan. He is a professor over here studying serial killers. And over there he is a serial killer. I guess even across universes there is a fine line between genius and insanity.
Broyles also seems to interact with Olivia like he has in the beginning of S1, all little more distant and not that warm and fuzzy.

So Olivia goes and asks John if he is willing to help. There is a stack of books: Killer Mindscapes, Neuropsychiatric Disorders, The Killer’s Clock, Fundamentals of Structural Engineering, Psychology of the Human Brain, Surgical Principals. Some of them show up later on the other side (on the table)
along with the bust (top is our side)
and the cave man.Over here next to the cup, 
over there on top of the shelf, next to the tank. 

John agrees: “Here’s to intrigue
 So then they cross.
There are a few differences. The leaves are greener on our side (top). And over there is missing a building (bottom).
So did Olivia recognize Agent Lee and/or the other way around?

Fauxlivia is going undercover as Olivia.
I’m just going to put it right here: Anna is amazing. Her timing, her eye line is right on.
The interaction with “herself” was so fun to watch and I forgot that it’s the same person playing the two different characters. All the awards in the world to you!

When Fauxlivia put the blond hair on, she said Frank likes the red. So because there’s no Peter, there’s no baby which means there was no reason for Frank to leave.

So then we get a moment in the lab. Walter is sitting in front of the speakers, listening to Mozart’s Requiem. It also plays on the turn table at the end of the episode.
Here is something funny. I watched 3.02 The Box Saturday night and when Walter was doing the experiment with the neurostimulator, Peter is looking for an album and said: “Walter, I can’t find The Requiem.”
Astrid walks in and scolds him, I guess. She checked his meds and they are off. Walter has been experimenting on himself again. I think she really wants to help him but has no idea what is bothering him.
She grabs his hands just like in 3.20 6:02 AM EST. Back then I think he reciprocated, but now I don’t think he did. And as he gets up, he still walks in a pattern and covers more screens.

Back to Fauxlivia who is now walking through the killer’s house with the professor. I don’t know but I’m getting the feeling that she’s uncomfortable in her skin, with the blond hair. Funny, she had no issues when Peter was there :)
Olivia and Lincoln are in the van, listening.
There’s some more green and red action going on.

And there is also a lot of green at the gas station. At one point all the cars there were blue.

Back at the house John discovers the candy stash. Mm and there is taffy in one of the cups.

Walter was making taffy in 2.16 Olivia. In The Lab. With The Revolver.

So they discover that the killer hunts during the day. And after that pretty much nothing goes according to plan any more. Fauxlivia forgot to remove some pictures of John's father and of course this John recognized him.

Back to the gas station. The little girl has to go to the bathroom. And what we see is a person dressed the same as the killer, (who has been observing the mom and the little girl) waiting in front of the bathroom door. This reminded me of 2.06 Earthling where the shadow entered the motel room, the little girl sitting completely still on the bed. And 3.04 DSDOES when Walter comes back out of the elevator, along with Ray who was a shapeshifter. In all three instances I was holding my breath, thinking they are going to get killed or shifted into. But then of course it wasn't so, phew.

Oh I forgot, there is one of those old bikes parked in the room.

As John runs out of the house you can see a lamp in the living room. There wasn't a good shot of it but I think it has leaves on it, maybe as in the glyphs.

And then John not only sees double
but also the amber.

So Olivia is trying to explain: “In this universe, some things are the same, and some things aren't. People... make different choices and -- and therefore end up in different places.
John: “I mean, this is... like a nightmare.” Olivia: “John, anything that you can tell us about him... anything will help. Anything.” John: “I don't just understand him. I am him. What's in him is in me.” Olivia: “So what do you mean?” John: “You're not the only one with secrets.” Olivia: “Go on.” John: “For as long as I can remember... I knew something was wrong with me. My father -- he knew it too. He saw the darkness. He -- he used a... heavy hand to try and fix me. The brutality of it, I mean, it was... 
Olivia: “I al -- I also came from an abusive home. My - -my stepfather w--.” John: “It's no mistake that I - I do what I do. I want to understand myself. I want to help people like me.”
Fauxlivia: “Have you ever acted on it?” John: “No. But I've wanted to.” Olivia: “What stopped you?”
John: “Not what. Who. She -- she helped me find just small... moments of peace. Moments... that I can hold on to.” Fauxlivia: “Your mother.” John: “No. My mother would... her--her name was Marjorie. And what my father did with cruelty she did with love. She taught me that I didn't have to live in the darkness. That when I got the urges, that I c-- I could just step out of it and into the light. This -- this is crazy. This--this is-- because sometimes when I, um, imagine what my life would've been like without her... this is it.”

I guess this dialog is a reflection of what our characters are experiencing right now, when there is something missing in their lives.
It also reminded me of 3.03 The Plateau 
when Olivia sees Projection Peter and he says to her: “Real is just a matter of perception. I am here. And I'm a part of you that you have to hold onto. You can't forget who you are Olivia. You can't forget where you're from. You can't forget this.” And then he kisses her, awwww J

So back at Fringe HQ. Both Lincoln and Fauxlivia are taking full responsibility for what happened. But Alt-Broyles doesn’t want to hear any of it. Olivia makes a suggestion and he listens to that which of course Fauxlivia doesn’t like at all.  Mwahaha!
I just love it!

So Alt-Astrid runs a probability on how to find John who has disappeared. But it would take too long because while both Olivia’s were talking with him, the mom from the gas station disappeared.
Olivia’s photographic memory will help. She memorized a license plate on the picture with John’s father on it. With that they can figure out where he might have gone to find… “himself”.

So they ride together in the car and Fauxlivia is asking what happened to Olivia’s step dad. Olivia answers: “I killed him.”
See Fauxlivia, you don’t know that much about Olivia. That’s an answer she didn't expect and frankly, neither did I.
In the old time line Olivia had just shot him twice but he didn’t die (1.06 The Cure). She was telling the story to Peter.

In the meantime, John had found the killer and was trying to talk him out of hurting the woman the killer took from the gas station. John gets knocked out and finds himself hooked up to the machine. The killer is asking him questions about Marjorie and thus drains those good memories from John. We get to see some of those memories as well: Marjorie 
Daisies which are part of the glyphs 
and the half apple which is also a glyph.

So John the killer shoots himself after he realized he took the only thing away that stopped John the professor from becoming like John the killer.
The professor survives but has no memory of what happened. Especially the memory of Marjorie is gone.
As Olivia leaves John says: “You know what they say. That even when it’s the darkest, we can step into the light.” Olivia: “He knows what she taught him, but he can't remember who she is. How is that possible?” Broyles: “At the risk of sounding sentimental... I've always thought there were people who leave an indelible mark on your soul. An imprint that can never be erased.” It’s okay Broyles, you can get sentimental. You are talking about the people who are like family to you.

Back at the lab Walter hears Peter’s voice again asking for help.
Earlier John the professor talked with John the killer: “I know the screams inside your head that won't stop. It's a horrible place to be.
Yep. Walter knows that too.

Other observations
-Alt-Charlie was on a beach sipping Mai-Tai’s with Mrs. Bug Lady :)
-Once the professor gets released from the hospital someone has to keep an eye on him, because the memory of Margery is permanently lost. She was the only one who could keep him from turning into the killer his alternate turned out to be – because of different choices that were made.

Wow, awesome episode again and I can’t wait for Friday.

Fringe Rocks!


Xindilini said...

Haha! Your interpretation her not liking Olivia suggestion at HQ somewhat out of context.

I love the Double Mint Twin look in this episode. I wonder if we will see the flip side this season, or would it be over the top?

All this bias against the other Olivia. All the Olivia coloured glasses will never cloud my perception that everyone negates.

A) Can't forget that the mission was her idea. Her intent was genuine. She is quite invested by the case and took failures personally.

B) Her defensiveness (what people call cockiness) suggests a struggle we've yet to see.

C) This Olivia is not that unaffected by her time on the other side.

D) Her powers of observation is innate. "The photo is gone." Double thumbs up!

cortexifan said...

Xindilini, that was not my intention (taking something out of context) can you explain your fist sentence or is what follows your explanation.

Xindilini said...

Gee. I left out a lot words in my first sentence.

I just meant I didn't get the sense that the other Olivia was peeved by her counterpart's suggestions to Broyles. I thought they were all on board for tracking the prof in the first place.

Xindilini said...

I find the double filming in Fringe HQ interesting. The dizzying spin was cool. But the other Olivia did cross the invisible line twice with her hand gestures in the split screen.

Dennis said...

I would assume they are using green screen, and not split screen for the double Olivia shots, that way they can overlap if needed.

Matthew M said...

Anyone catch who played Marjorie? It's not on the IMDb cast for the Episode. Didn't notice on the credit the end, guess I'll try ti check it out.

Xindilini said...

according to the Fringe Wiki, Margery is portrayed by Julie Schnekenburger.

tvnut014 said...

I'm sorry I totally agree with Fauxlivia seeming perfectly nasty against our Olivia. However, I'm glad that our Olivia is standing her ground. She isn't just taking Fauxlivia's little annoying comments, she can totally take care of herself ex)stepfather.

Anonymous said...

I just meant I didn't get the sense that the other Olivia was peeved by her counterpart's suggestions to Broyles. I thought they were all on board for tracking the prof in the first place.http://www.filmdiziseyret.gen.tr/seyret/yabanci-diziler/fringe I'm sorry I totally agree with Fauxlivia seeming perfectly nasty against our Olivia. However, I'm glad that our Olivia is standing her ground. She isn't just taking Fauxlivia's little annoying comments, she can totally take care of herself ex)stepfather.

Shane said...

Awesome detail and links between episodes, and also looking at the board with pictures I noticed one girls picture repeating around 4 times

Robersonr said...

Love all the detail and the things that I didn't notice. This makes this awesome show so much more intriguing

cortexifan said...

Thanks, appreciate the feedback.
It's my second favorite thing to do - look for stuff. The first one of course watching episodes over and over.

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