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Watercooler:In Praise Of "Fringe's" NewLivia

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Watercooler: In Praise of Fringe's NewLivia
Oct 3, 2011 11:03 AM ET
by Damian Holbrook

Let us not feel anger at those who didn't watch last Friday's Fringe. For while yes, they helped contribute to one of the show's lowest Nielsens ever, they too deprived themselves of a showcase for Anna Torv's latest iteration of her Agent Olivia Dunham. Call her NewLivia. And pity the fools who missed this standout episode.

Having already given us Original Recipe Olivia, the alt-world's Bolivia (or Fauxlivia), Bolivia-As-Olivia and the Spock-possessed BelLivia, Torv is now up to her awesome in the fifth version of this complex Fringe Division dame: An Olivia who never knew Peter Bishop. An Olivia who offed her abusive stepfather. An Olivia with swagger. An Olivia we LOVE.

In the season's second episode, fans got a buffet of bad-assery as NewLivia and Bolivia were forced to play nice together in order to catch a serial killer from Over There. Playing opposite herself in several scenes, Torv got to turn the lights up on the differences between these two women and develop sides to the Bishop-less version that — gasp! — made us possibly like her even more than the one we have spent the last three seasons with. She's looser, funnier, more accessible and completely entertaining. So here's hoping that she is also here to stay... especially once Peter returns and has to pick between the two Dunhams who loved him.

Do you adore Torv's newest Olivia persona?



dana said...

thank you for sharing this, I don't know what I would do w/out you guys!

fringeobsessed said...

You're very welcome, dana.
We've got ya covered. ;)

cortexifan said...

Love it. She is amazing.
The line that Walter says to Olivia in 3.21 The Last Sam Weiss:
"You have no idea how extraordinary you are. If you embrace that then there is no end to what you can do."
totally fits for Anna as well.

Riley said...

I completely agree. Anna is amazing. And Olivia and Fauxlivia are better than ever.

Anonymous said...

I think this is actually the sixth version of Olivia she has played. What about brainwashed Olivia and her whole time on the other side?

cortexifan said...

it's more than that:)
1. Olivia
2. Olivia as Nick Lane
3. Brown Betty Olivia
4. Fauxlivia
5. Olivia thinking she's Fauxlivia
6. Fauxlivia pretending she's Olivia
7. Olivia pretending to be Fauxlivia
8. Bellivia
9. Newlivia

Liesel said...

I love seeing such praise for Anna's work, she really is amazing on Fringe with all the subtle characterisation she does. Especiall 4x02 with her working with herself in so many scenes. I've rewatched them a few times to look at each of the Olivias and she plays off herself well, heh.

Anonymous said...

Yeah lucky for you Anna torv fans. Us Joshua Jackson fans NEVER EVER will see our gave actor play a different version of his character. Josh will be ignored, bashed an overlooked, all because of Anna freaking torv.

cortexifan said...

I've seen most of her other work as well. Young Lions, The Secret Life of Us, Mistresses and she is really good in all of them. She plays each character differently. There are some actors who always play the same, no matter what their role is, but Anna has the gift of being different in each of her projects.

Matthew M said...

"Anonymous said...
Yeah lucky for you Anna torv fans. Us Joshua Jackson fans NEVER EVER will see our gave actor play a different version of his character. Josh will be ignored, bashed an overlooked, all because of Anna freaking torv."
Can we get this child's comments blocked? She is whiny, redundant and a liar.
No one has ignored, bashed or overlooked JJ. Like it's everybody's fault that there is only one Peter Bishop for you to play with (that we know of) so why don't you tell the creators, producers and writers how wrong they are for making "Fringe" they way THEY wanted the show to be. They didn't make it for you or the rest of us or did you not watch the last video interview and not hear them say they write the show for themselves.
Get over it, get used to it support the the series with positive vibes or go away.

Siobhan said...

I totally forget that it was Anna playing two people on screen last week! She was that good

Loren said...

Such a great article to read!!
Anna Torv is simply amazing at what she does!!
I've had the opportunity to watch her act in McLeod's Daughters and in The Secret Life of Us...She's simply superb!!! Each and every one of her characters are so very distinct from each other; something that definitely takes an equal dose of talent and intelligence.
You rock Anna!!!

Fringie6989 said...

Anna is so talented. She takes her acting abilities up a notch every time she is on screen. She's never afraid to take risks in her acting (Bellivia) and that is what makes her so so so awesome at her job. What makes it even better is that the actors, John, Lance, Blair, Jasika, and yes even Josh ;) also are amazing actors not afraid of doing something out of the ordinary to pull off another extraordinary episode which makes Fringe the best tv show on the air. So far we haven't had a chance to see the other actors face off against their alternate selves aside from the finale. So Anna really deserves every credit and recognition out there for making this episode as great as it was with the almost every other scene with Fauxlivia and Olivia together. Just a disclaimer: This doesn't mean that she is better than any of the other actors in the episode. They all worked together to pull it off. What makes Anna so great is how she plays off of the other actors and now, even herself.

Feisty Crone said...

Anna's Olivia is edgier this season, tougher when she's face-to-face with alt Olivia.

Xindilini said...

I never felt Olivia Dunham was that well defined by the situation she was thrown into. That's why I felt the alternate version appealed to me more. The Season 4 persona is not be all that different from Season 1, with her emotional baggage.

Bottom line is I wish to see her just for herself and not be convoluted by relationships.

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