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FRINGE: GMMR Interview with John Noble

      Email Post       10/03/2011 07:23:00 PM      

At the Fox Fall junket, FRINGE star John Noble talks with's Marisa Roffman about Walter's new relationship with Peter, the uneasy trust between universes and more.


Matthew M said...

Good but volume is not clear and I had it up all the way.

The one question I have is will Peter (JJ) going to be Peter Bishop or some other name? If he comes in saying 'hi, I'm Peter Bishop your son', no one is going to believe him. I'm sure they thought of this I hope.

Anonymous said...

it's hard for Walter to convince everyone about Peter's existence!! i guess he would come back with a new name, maybe!! i'm worried about the relationship between Lincoln and Olivia!! don't ruin the action show with too much romances and love triangles!! it'll make it too cheesy!! that's why i've loved the show!! and because i just like Peter as Olivia or Faulixia's better half!!

cortexifan said...

Maybe he will use some of the fake names he used before. Peter King and Peter Knight (both from 1.08 The Equation) or Peter Stewart and Gene Cowan (both from 2.20 Northwest Passage).

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