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Fringe: Baseball Happened

      Email Post       10/28/2011 01:49:00 PM      

Here is a tongue-in-check promo announcing the one-week postponement of Fringe due to the World Series game 7.

Fringe will return on November 4th with the episode "Novation"!
There is a new clip from "Novation" in this video, so you may not want to watch if you are avoiding spoilers.

What did you do Friday night with no Fringe?


Matthew M said...


James Thompson said...

This isn't fair,right or just in any way shape or form.....I hope you get sued by the viewers
for false advertisement and breach of trust!
Fox has a sports channel use it amd let us watch our show in peace on the Fox tv channel.
Not happy with FOX

Unknown said...

I agree 110% with James Thompson.

kasper311 said...
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Anonymous said...

You'll get what's coming to you FOX.

Anonymous said...

seriously... last week the episode 1 again and now baseball... I lose my patience... I think
That is the last season..


cortexifan said...

I didn't like it either but:
Fringies, hang in there, stay positive, keep supporting Fringe, keep spreading the word, this show needs to stay despite of the interruptions it's up against. Make it worth their while. The cast and crew has no influence in/on this yet they are working their butts off 10 months out of the year to deliver an excellent episode every week. Support them.
Fringe Rocks! Fringe fans are positive!

Anonymous said...

Co-Sign @James Thompson
stupid sports ruin things again, Switch all sports to a separate channel for all games

Anonymous said...

Love Peter, Can't believe we have to wait yet another week for an episode this season with the actual star of the show in it! I mean all the characters are great, but this has been torture. C'mon!!

R said...

And I thought I missed tonight's episode. I must be the only Fringe fan happy with the postponement since I try to watch the show live instead of on Hulu.

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of spoiled pre-schoolers! The sporting event that delayed your viewing of Fringe made 22xtimes the revenue for Fox that Fringe would have in just that one hour. Fringe is a NON-PROFIT entity that exists solely on the whim of the Fox boss who likes it, and developed it with Bad Robotics. So. Wipe the tears, stop the sobbing and suck it up. Then say thank you baseball for buying a fifth season of Fringe for us whining toddlers.
- FD

Anonymous said...

I wonder what crap Sky will find to put on in place of Novation this Wednesday. I have them send me a "reminder" to tell me when Fringe is on next - but not a peep out of them yet. Fox treats their viewers like serfs. We pay through the nose for the privilege of being ignored and disappointed.


Anonymous said...

seriously guys, you ruined my weekend ;(

Anonymous said...

My god... it's not the end of the world... you take that too too much seriously... Whitout Fringe last night the real life continue...
I Want see it too, but I'm gonna wait for next week!!!!

Fringie6989 said...

This is great! I'm just as bummed as anyone else that it didn't come on last night but since there isn't a darn thing we can do about it, I choose to look at the positive side of it. I'm glad they felt the same way when making this video. Too cute!

D said...

Look, yes we're all bummed that Fringe got bumped. Big deal, we'll live. I'm just as annoyed as every other Fringe fan about this, but that's no reason to take it out on baseball. I myself am not a fan of the sport, but I understand lots of people love it. And on the bright side, had Fringe not been bumped, we wouldn't have gotten this fantastic promo! You got to love the promo maker's humour. So relax and wait a week. As everyone is saying, it'll be worth it.

Anonymous said...

Here's the big question. I've looked at the tv schedule for my pvr and according to it, the next episode of Fringe next week is litteraly the next episode. The one that was skipped over this week seems to just go into limbo and is not scheduled to re-air. I don't know if this just means that the tv systems just haven't updated their info or if we're really going to miss the episode.

Blue said...

Agree 100% with cortexifan. As much as I hate waiting another week for more Fringe, I'll definitely be watching live next Fri. Can't wait!

g33k said...

in reply to anonymous:
"The one that was skipped over this week seems to just go into limbo and is not scheduled to re-air."

Maskedscheduler is an ACTUAL scheduler at fox (we know this for sure because he tweets regularly about it) and he has said that this week's episode will air in next week's place. Our guides haven't been updated yet (hopefully they will be I hate when my PVR records wrong episode info with an episode)

Here's a positive side to all this: The next hiatus we have to go through will probably be one week shorter, or Fringe will last for one week longer in the spring.

We all would have had to wait an extra week at some point. My only fear about this is ratings related, but at least we know S4 is a full 22 eps from how it was renewed.

Anonymous said...

Some think the episode slippage by one week will give us #8 on Nov 25th. But that is the day after US Thanksgiving holiday, which may mean Fox has special programming planned. If the stick with that programming, #8 will slip to Dec 2nd or be delayed until mid January. They said the first 8 episodes were supposed to be the mini-season storyline that fully brought back Peter into the mainstream. I bet we get #8 before the winter holiday break, and not after.


Anonymous said...

As a Fringe fan I really would have liked to see "Novation" on Friday. Originally Game 7 was supposed to be Thursday, but rain delayed it. Fox originally wanted to show Game 7 Thursday and Fringe Friday and make everyone happy. But it didn't work out as originally planned. Fox does have sports channels, however, not everyone in the coutry gets cable. With the amount they paid MLB to broadcast the world series you can not relegate it to a "Fox sports" channel that not everyone gets. You need to ensure maximum viewership. Fringe did pay the price, but they didn't cancel "Novation" they moved it to next week. Though it sucks to wait another week I totally understand the decision and I'm sure everyone that makes Fringe does too. We have 5 more days and our universe will be back to normal :)

Anonymous said...

I am so MAD, 3 weeks of no fringe is BS.... And watch us only get one or two episodes before the christmas break and it will be a month or two of no episodes

cortexifan said...

I don't know why but I'm going to defend FOX.
If you were in their shoes and you had 38 weeks to fill with 22 episodes, what would you do?

We should be glad that Fringe is still on at all.
I said it before: true fans, please stick with it and support it with a positive attitude.
Fringe Rocks!

Rich said...

Love Fringe. But the World Series is great. Far better theater than a fictional television show. The ratings obviously back my claim. That said, let's see Peter tear some sh1t up next week.

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