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Secrets of Fringe: The First People

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Fringe executive producers Jeff Pinkner and J.H. Wyman discuss the "First People".


Dennis said...

I've never considered this before, but maybe instead of creating a third "yellow" universe, the two universes will combine into a "purple" universe. Discuss...

Anonymous said...

@ Dennis
If the two universes merge, unless it's somehow done safely using the Vacuum, all the people who were at the same place would merge together like in the episode "Jacksonville". And there would be tons of confusion. "Two mes? WTH?" and that would lead to panic and hysteria and chaos. And our planet is already over populated as it is. Unless for some reason only the brains merge (one person has two sets of memories) our planet would be pushed to the brink and even then people would panic and do stupid stuff. All in all: BAD IDEA.

Old Darth said...

Purple Haze? :O

The trick for the show is to restrict the number of universes. Too many and they will run into the Heros problem of too characters with too many powers. They need to keep limits in place.

I hope the show will finish off the parallel universe storylines - or take a break from them for awhile - and go in a different direction next season.

Investigate some other part of the Pattern. Maybe a search for the First People to resolve some big problem.

Dennis said...

I don't know how exactly it would work, but if the two options were a combined universe, or the universe I was living in was going to be destroyed, I would go for the combined universe...

Anonymous said...

Judging from Pinkner and Wyman's expressions when they answered that last question, the true result might be something close to that third universe. It might not be a combination, but there might be a third one.

Yeoman11liu said...

When the discussion began - "universe branches out based on the choices we made".. also Peter, Sam Weiss, Bellivia talked about choice, fate, and destiny. Underline the merging consciouness in Pilot, Stowaway... I believe the branches will eventually go into same ending point, although there are many many different choices made. Should play out into one universe in Season 6.

Anonymous said...

Olivia in episode 6B: "What if this is not about physics, but about people?"

Bellivia to Peter in episode Stowaway: "What if this is not about physics, but about (her) needing to be here, to save those people on the train?"

So it's not about physics, but about metaphysics? Love, destiny, fate and distance?

sharkman73 said...

Respects to "Old Darth" but,
I like the multi universes storyline, I hope we run into the yellow universe at some point. Maybe it's populated by the observers or maybe in the yellow universe the first people never died off, but please keep the red-verse. I enjoy the red Fringe team and it really is like getting two shows in one. I just wish Peter was in both verses.

fringeobsessed said...

"So it's not about physics, but about metaphysics? Love, destiny, fate, and distance?"

You ALL need to read the book that we saw young Olivia reading in "Subject 13," called "Winter's Tale." It's about all 4 of those things!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Old Darth. A third universe might be pushing the limits. I don't see how they would juggle all of them. Would we then have blue, red, and yellow universe episodes? It just seems like a lot.
I'm not completely opposed to the idea, though. I trust that they will make it work, either way.

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine that a plot-line as significant as the dual universes could be resolved in only the 4 remaining episodes of this season - so I'd expect it to be a significant part of season 4. I also suspect the title of the last episode this season ('The Day We Died') will end up referring to the First People , not either one of the universes.

Speaking of the First People, I do hope the storytellers respect known science and do not come up with a silly backstory. Evolutionarily, a branch of homo sapiens could not have existed 'prior to the dinosaurs', so unless there is some kind of time travel involved (I'm cool with that), the First People would have to have been around in early human pre-history.

Damian Garcia said...

I like that the last episode could be some kind of flashback to the First People.

Something they said during the "How Technologically Advanced Were The First People?" struck me as interesting. How they said that "it was so advanced they destroyed themselves." To me at least this goes back to what Nina said in Season 1 about technology and science developing at a much faster rate than they should. What if this happens to us with the universes being destroyed? Maybe history repeating itself or (in a crazier theory) we are somehow the First People who traveled way, way back in time.

dinomaster626 said...

i like all the thory,s im hearing but i want to ask to the person who thought of purple ver,s when you thought of this beacuse i thought of it at the time os arid in new hampsher if you can awnser this that would be nice it,s great to know somone thought of a fringe theory you thought of. IT,S LIKE WALTER SAID THAT two man that did not know each other invented calculus i dount rember witch episode it was in sesaon 1.

Claramj said...

That's what I just said on You Tube, I think maybe instead of the machine destroying both worlds, or one or the other, it will make another one, kinda like the Red and Blue had a baby,it could make sense, at least in the Fringe world,lol,where maybe things and people from both worlds would be in this third Universe, I would love to see a world where all the main characters from both world were in one world, but there would be some people and things that would be destroyed,it couldn't be that easy,so they would probably kill some of our faves too, just to be real,which I wouldn't like, unless it was Walternate and Bad-Branden, I wouldn't care then but I like all the rest, we must have Henry the Cab driver too,I like him, and SCharlie, and Lincoln, and Alt-Astrid, and Alt-Olivia and her mom so they can meet Rachel and Ella,and over course the baby, and our side all of them,Our Olivia,Peter, Walter,Astrid, Broyles, and Nina Sharp, and Good-Branden, and of course Rachel and Ella!

But I also agree with what you said Damian Garcia, about the first people, or the Observers being us from the future too, it makes sense, maybe time is like a circle and its just repeating its self,I mean the observers have many times said things that indicated that they knew what was going to happen, like they know the future, which means they have to be time travelers, as well as dimensional, they travel back and forth between both Universes so they must be, I can't wait to find out more about them and this whole idea, and I am so glad FOX is alloying them to continue telling this great story for another season,I can only hope they get to finish without anything getting in the way of it,there is no show better then it, and never has been or will be to me!

Anonymous said...

I've read some interesting theories here. I like one that was touched on about the Third Universe being the harbinger of outcomes to choices both Blue and Red dwellers make in the present. Both will have equal access to the new universe that pertains specifically to their own side. Since the First People may have destroyed themselves, the machine and this new universe could be vehicles to prevent the impending annihilation of the current worlds. As alway with Fringe, who the !@#k knows what the creators have in store for us. Trying to figure out their mysteries is half the fun.

Anonymous said...

It is also interesting that there appear to be only one set of the observers. Suggests that wherever/whenever they are from, the two universes are/were one.

Even though the multiple-universes theory (it is actually a serious scientific theory) implies an infinite number of alternates, for the purposes of the show I think fewer is better.

Anonymous said...

is sam weiss a first people or are the observer the first people?? pls answere

fringeobsessed said...

Anon above,
We don't know for certain YET who is a member or who are members of the "Frist People."

We DO know a man named Seamus Wiles wrote the same book in many languages titled "The First People." Nina Sharp scrambled that name and came up with "Sam Weiss," and as you recall asked him what he knew about the First People, in "Concentrate and Ask Again." Sam ignored her question and promptly began his monologue of Peter Bishop being her problem.

Sam Weiss acted weird from the start and I theorized he wasn't a normal human being. If the title for episode 2.21, "The Last Sam Weiss," is any indication, we should be getting back to Sam Weiss pretty soon, so stay tuned!

As far as the Observers being the First People, it's possible, but I think they are our escorts into a new phase of something, just like the "Overlords" were in the book "Childhood's End," by Arthur C. Clarke, that was prominently displayed on Nancy Pratt's bookcase in episode 1.19 "The Road Not Taken."

Anonymous said...

ok thx for your quick answere but i think sam weiss must be a first people because he know all about peter and he wrote the book about the first people and the episode the last sam weiss will tell us more about who is sam weiss or what is sam weiss

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