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Fringe Episode 316: Os

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The Fringe Team investigates a group of thieves who can break the laws of gravity. Meanwhile, Walter attempts to delay the damage he’s caused to the fabric of the universe
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Anonymous said...

Brilliant episode! So many laugh out loud moments. The script is intelligent and funny. The actors are simply wonderful. The directing and camera work are amazing. Please Fox, don't bust up this marriage made in heaven.

Anonymous said...

Since when do Observers use umbrellas? In Os an observer is seen walking under an umbrella on the far side of the street. First at approximately 8m35s and again at 8m45s, then standing without umbrella at 9m08s.

Have we seen an Observer protect himself from the weather before?

Gilberto Rezende said...

Oh god, this episode was off the chart!

Damm good, but NEVER Fringe gone as far to the EDGE...

This Belly's magnet soul concept will be very hard to some kind of religius viewers to accept...

And JUST NOW Peter is (in full) in love with Ourlive and she begans to sound like Leonard Nimoy !!!
Instant limp for our brave hero...
Ha HA!!!
Two things:
1) I don't now how much hard time takes to Anna Torv to perfect the final scene talking like Leonard Nimoy/William Bell) but the final Result was GREAT. CONGRATULATIONS with capital letters...
Do that all the next epsodide will be HARD...
2) What a big slutty thing to do to the story AND to Peter Bishop caracter. I understant that the Walter expectation (after sounds the Bell's bell) to see his soul in Nina Sharp was near stupid, because a "vessel" to his soul to return MUST be someone YOUNGER than him.
The question to be answer is th soul magnet implanted in Ourlive was put there when she was a child im the program? The others are implanted too?
Or was implanted when Ourlive visited William Bell im thhe end of session One? Or less I remember the "tunning" with the bell that make her pass bbbetween universes and regains her memories in the initials episodes of session two....

Old Darth said...

Loved it.

Loved the show showed us how our universe is breaking via the Osmium and meteorite alloy defying the law of physics.

Fringe consistently does the best openings. And does them in so many ways. This time comedy and Walter bonging it up with Hurley was hilarious. The upside down shot of the floaters was slick too.

Fringe's main strength is writing real character beats amidst all the freaky and fantastic stuff that goes down. Or in this case - UP!

I loved the Peter and Olivia scenes. How often do we complain about shows where the characters withhold info from one another, speak half truths, or get interrupted? Yet in Fringe the characters actually TALK to one another like in real life. Go figure.

The MOTW paralleled Walter and Peter's relationship and the damage Walter caused saving Peter.

It also nicely encapsulated what unnecessary damage can be wrought by with holding information from loved ones prompting Peter to reveal his clandestine shapeshifter work to Olivia.

Who wants to bet that the tea Bell served Olivia in Over There Part 2 was spiked with Soul Magnets?

And Bell using a bell to bring himself back - did the showrunners have that scenario in mind when they choose the character's surname? Would not surprise me if they did.

A very FUN episode.

And Anna channeling Nimoy? Priceless.

Cazza said...

Belly gave our Olivia tea in momentum deferred which must be the time the soul magnets were transferred

fringeobsessed said...

Yes, Cazza, I agree with you and Old Darth.

The only thing that bothered me about this episode is Peter's motivation for the full disclosure to Liv. I want to believe it's love BUT I think we're dealing with a DIFFERENT Peter Bishop here. I think the observers switched him with another PB(not sure why) because he JUST DOESN'T FEEL GENUINE! This could be the big twist the internet's been hinting about.

Anonymous said...

Good thinking , Peter is not Peter ? I was thinking of that since ep11 .. but when Peter said : he was working on something for a while and don't want to tell any one because he don't trust FBI and Walter is overprotective .. he is now trusting Olivia . so that's mean he is himself and he is knowing what he is doing so he is not crazy or the machine influenced him , it was him and his dark side , and as how he did say to Olivia : I have conned people .

So he is a con-man , the ironic is that Peter did con the people in the blue universe which they are trying to help him and to save him and are loving him , while he is very gentleman with the red people , I mean he was gentle with Fauxlivia after learning the truth . So what Peter did still not justified in my book and am waiting to hear him more .

Peter conned the FBI , Broyles , Walter and Olivia , he even did implicated innocent man Brandon in to his what ever doing ... and finally .. he can't work alone .. he didn't know how to break the code ... so all his work was in vain .

My problem with Peter s3 that he is changing ... he is not the same man which Fauxlivia did describe in her dairy , this Peter is dark , and when Olivia now is full open up with him .. he is not with her .

I have a feeling that what let him play "full disclosure " that he was afraid .. afraid that Olivia will discover the truth , and as how i said before .. Peter was testing Olivia .. and when she said : it's a nice game if the 2 will play . she did give him a very good staaaaaaar .. and he was like dammit is she knowing something and would like from me to say ?

I can add .. when she got the phone call from Broyles while he was with her and Nina ... the same look was on his face .. he was afraid that maybe Broyles discovered something about him and will say to Olivia .

So I think his fear what let him say to Olivia + he couldn't break the cods .. so he did say to Olivia about his secrets .

Look I love Olivia and Peter together .. but Peter didn't prove to now any thing which let me say he is loving her .... am still waiting and i hope that he is not like his father ! .. i hope he is a good man .... but his actions is not good at all IMO


fringeobsessed said...

I hear you, Real1.

"he is not the saem man which FauxLivia did describe in her diary"

Agreed, and one of many small reasons I think there's a subtley
different PB in the group now.
I am VERY bothered by the fact that September the Observer shot Peter twice to knock him out. Why? And why near the end of "The Arrival" and then again at the end of "Firefly?" To me these are two markers. It's more noticeable after "Concentrate and Ask Again" when we roll into "Reciprocity," and not so easy to see after "The Arrival" in Season 1, although I'm gonna go watch 1.05 again and beyond and see if there are any subtle differences between the Peter of 1.00-1.04 thru 3.10. I did re-watch parts of 3.10 last night and I think Peter was much more genuine to Liv in 3.10 than after 3.11, except maybe in 3.14("6B"), when I want real badly to believe it's the same PB, but I'm just not sure it is.

Anonymous said...

""I think there's a subtley
different PB in the group now. ""

Actually in 6B , Olivia just gave us a fact that this one is Peter ! he was glimmering , so he is from the other side .. so he is the red Peter .

I said before in another site "spoilertv" that maybe the machine did change the soul of Peter ? .. when Peter looked to it ... maybe the machine did take the real soul of red Peter and put another one in his body ?

I really was thinking too much about how the writers are drawing the line to us :) .... am a real1 real fan , i have nothing to do wit cinema or actor/actress producers/directors .. simply am enjoying watching Fringe and liking to do theories .. am architect in my real life .. so always looking for the meaning of the things , because it's a show i care about :)

Back to Peter , am with you that Peter is a moody man .. once he can say yes other once he can say no .. so he has a vibration mind , kind of distracted ( Olivia put right there ) , so that's from S1 ... but in S2 .. Peter was accepting his new life with his father and this FBI agent which he was dreaming to wake-up beside her , but unfortunately every thing did change when he learned who he is and he went to his real world .

We can't forget who he is and how he was .. Peter Bishop is not an easy man to read if you ask me , and he himself don't know who he is .. he is a lost man , Olivia the one who did give him a belonging , and I can't eat Elizabeth's fair here , Elizabeth did give him also a belonging a love a protection but she did con him .

I can't hand Elizabeth the fault of why Peter is conning the people right now and not trusting any one , but I think that's what's Peter want .. his choice .. his way .

Walter said that Olivia is the only one who can read through Peter and she is what he needs , but how to make Peter .. the one of what Olivia needs ? I mean .../ how we can trust his feeling . his moves without assuring about his real stat of mind .. i mean .. if he truly is loving Olivia or not ?

and we don't know yet .. how he is connected to the machine .. is that has something with the cure ? or Walter and Bell did make him to that ?

So ... for this moment .. Peter is Peter ... and if he is another one I don't know how they can put it in the story line ....


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