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Tonight On Fringe Friday: Stowaway

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Tonight's Fringe episode "Stowaway", is the seventeenth episode of season 3.

As always, we'll have a LIVE Fringe chat. If you want to talk with other Fringe fans, during or after the show, we usually play "spot the observer", and "What's the glyph code?", plus discuss the action on the show. To join the chat, visit the Fringe chat roomenter your name or a nickname, and join the fun! (please don't use the default mib_xxxxx nickname - be creative!). Advanced users can go directly to the IRC channel: #FringeTV on

After the show, get more information on Stowaway at:

Also, don't forget to check back here after the episode for Observer sightingsGlyph codes, and other Fringe hidden clues.

To discuss Stowaway or any other episode, head over the the Fringe episode section.

How do you rate the Fringe episode "Stowaway"?


Anonymous said...

I know Lincoln has its fans, but it definitely has nothing to do nothing next to Peter, who speculated that it might be his replacement in the heart of Olivia I think that after having them facing each other, they realized that is not height, and not because it is lower. That same goes for the two actors who interprentan, Joshua is much more handsome, nice and cute, her eyes and her smile is much nicer and the actor is much more attractive. So nothing changes for the following sugiendo couple Peter and Olivia.
As for the chapter, was spectacular, poor Peter during the entire episode to Olivia missing and only give a moment of happiness in the end, even when they're going to have to suffer.

Anonymous said...

good episode but after next episode the episod play list look,s like a 2-4 week high adias for us why do this if they want us to remaber what last episode was about well thare,s hule and podcast,s to keep us fan,s with somthing to do at that episode time gap.

Charity said...

I thought this episode was a let-down. I guess I expected too much -- like some emotional connections. Last time William saw Walter, he told him he cut out part of his brain. Then he sacrificed his life for him. Now they're all fine and dandy and cracking vulgar jokes?

They've been hinting all season that William is the love of Nina's life -- and she's not even IN this episode. What was everyone's reaction when they found out? Does she know? Does she care?

It seems like a lot happened "off screen" in this episode, leaving us with boring moments of Bell and Walter sitting around his lab. Why his lab? Why not Massive Dynamic's lab?

Maybe in two weeks, Nina will find out (if she doesn't know) and we'll get some actual emotional payoff, in which case the show might redeem itself.

The case itself was pretty cool. I just expected too much from it.

Dennis said...

FYI, it will be at least three weeks. There IS a new fringe next week, but there will be a repeat the following week. :(

Charity said...

NOOOOOO!!! ... that's mean, making me wait that long! =D

Cazza said...

The episode was a little slow in parts however I like the Walter/bell moments although I don't want Olivia to be trapped in there for too many episodes as Peter is rightly angry with the situation. I must say I really really liked the Peter/Lincoln dynamic I think this type of character has been missing since Charlie Francis died what do people think?

trent said...

I rated it 4 stars, because William Bell (not Anna Torv) was a letdown. I don't understand, why he wasn't interrogated thoroughly. Instead of giving valuable information, he was just lecherous with Astrid and incredibly insensitive to Peter.

The best part was the interaction between Peter and Lincoln, although I admit, that the actor who plays Lincoln is not exactly top notch. Still, likable enough.

I liked that the "villain of the week" was a sympathetic character. I really felt for her and I was happy, that she finally got what she wanted.

Nice episode, but far from brilliant. The acting saved it from being mediocre, Joshua Jackson and Anna Torv did a great job, particularly during their last scene.

Anonymous said...

I agree with those who mentioned the emotional letdown, but apparently this storyline will continue on, perhaps until the end of the season. Peter and Olivia may have a brief moment of clarity to declare their feelings before the cataclysmic finale, which will separate them indefinitely.

Also, I believe we have a clue as to what Bell meant about Peter holding up well. I caught the term "interdimensional decay" in this episode. I think Peter's atoms are in danger of suffering the same fate as Bell's. Maybe Peter will end up occupying Gene's brain for next season. That'd be par for the course for Fringe. "My Life As A Cow", by Peter Bishop.

Old Darth said...

I would give it 3.5 stars. My least favorite episode of the season. The main story was flat and the show has done the fate versus destiny theme enough already this season.

Anna was awesome as usual and seeing NerdiLee was cool too.

Anonymous said...

Please get Bell's consciousness out of Olivia's body! I've been a fan of this show from the very beginning but watching her trying to talk like Bell is too much!

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