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Optimism From E!Online Regarding Season 4

      Email Post       3/01/2011 08:44:00 PM      

This just in from Kristin and the E! Online website!
Take a little breath fellow fans, and keep praying.

Dan in Pompton Plains, N.J.: What are your thoughts on Fringe? Canceled or renewed? It would be a crime if it gets axed. Almost as bad as John Noble not getting an Emmy nod for his role as Walter/Walternate.Inquired about Fringe's future for you, and insiders are pretty optimistic that Fringe will get another season. The show is said to be a personal fave of Fox boss Kevin Reilly, the DVR numbers are great, and oh yeah, in comparison to shows Lie To Me and Human Target, the series is a veritable critical darling. There are no guarantees in life or in television programming, but we feel pretty confident that season four of Fringe will happen. Yay!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Networks never pay attention to their audiences. If we could buy advertising time they would act differently. I'll keep watching the show anyway, but let's get ready for some bad news if the ratings don't pick up the next weeks. I find it absurd that they will cancel a show as good and engaging as this one, but keep garbage on the air. -Francisco in IL

In any event, let's watch... and, why not, e-mail people, write them letters, make a ruckus and hope for the best.

Anonymous said...

Don't get rid of Fringe, their experiments keep me living.

fringeobsessed said...

Hang in there. We didn't get a conclusive 'yes' on Season 3 last year until May 4th.

Matthew M said...

Maybe if all you so-called "fans" would stop with the negative vibes, things wouldn't seem so bleak. Didn't you read this? Sure sounds like you didn't.
"The show is said to be a personal fave of Fox boss Kevin Reilly, the DVR numbers are great, and oh yeah, in comparison to shows Lie To Me and Human Target, the series is a veritable critical darling"
Now start sending out those positive vibes people! Don't make me send the shapeshifters after you.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know anyone with a nielson box? Go and invite yourself to their house and :) force them to watch Fringe. :) cortexifan

Tankadin said...

I had a serious question about DVR numbers.

I have a single tuner TiVo (a Series 1 model) and it is my understanding that TiVo data gets factored into the Nielson ratings. Multiple posts on this site keep saying "make sure you watch the show live if possible". I'm wondering exactly how they could tell if I was watching it live. I record the show every week so it's guaranteed to be tuned in on my TiVo. However, while it's recording live, they have no way to know if I actually have the TV turned on or not.

Obviously, they know when I watch the recorded show later, but unless I pause or fast-forward while it's initially recording live, they would never know.

I hope I'm explaining this clearly.

Anonymous said...

oh please...oh please...! Fingers crossed.

Fringie6989 said...

YAY!!! That is very exciting news! I agree with the people that say the negativity isn't helping. This is good news people, why be negative about it until we have a reason to be negative about it? Let's stay positive guys!!! If Fox is positive as well as a lot of entertainment people, then we should too. I for one will stay optimistic until (hopefully that day won't come) Fox releases an offical statement...even that doesnt necessarily mean the end of Fringe, but if we as the fans of the show don't remain positive, who will? @cortexifan I was just thinking about asking everyone I know if they have a nielson box and either force them to watch it on their own or inviting myself over and also force them that way. Though I don't think it would take much to force them because they would fall in love with it too

Anonymous said...

@Matthew the Curmudgeon:

THANK-YOU. Someone had to say it. Honestly, most of the negativity about the show's chances does seem to be coming from so-called 'fans' and it's not helping. At the very least, it's going to put off other potential viewers and could very well become a self-fulfilling prophecy - and then who we will have to blame but ourselves?? So, get those positive vibes out there people - it's not over till FOX says it is and they haven't yet!

Anonymous said...

Well, if we don't write to Mr Reilly and appeal to his sense of fairness, we'd do better watching the show "live" every Friday. I, for one, intend to do it... no matter that like I said above, I don't think networks pay attention to their viewers more than to their advertisers.

Can we send letters to Fox? As in snail-mail?

Anonymous said...

As far as I can see this is their snail mail address:

FOX Broadcasting Co.
P.O. Box 900
Beverly Hills, CA 90213

And this is their email address:


Hope that helps!:-D

Dennis said...


Tivo reports what shows are recorded, and when they are watched. The main rating used is "Live + Same Day", which factors everyone who is watchign live, and anyone who DVRs the show but watches the same day. For example, if you watch "Grey's Anatomy" live (Thurs @ 9:00), but Tivo "Bones" (also Thurs @ 9:00), then watch "Bones" after you watch "Grey's Anatomy", then it counts towards the "Live + Same Day" rating.

I suppose since you have a single tuner, they can't tell the difference between you recording it and watching live, or just recording it and not watching it. I suspect they would assume if you are recording it, you are not watching it live (unless you pause, etc), so when you do watch it live, you should make sure to select it from the "now playing" list, so it gets counted as a same-day DVR viewing.

Unknown said...

When I read all the posts about Fringe hanging by a thread for next season renewal, I think of how cryptic the producers are. Now this is just a theory' but could this all be hype to keep us hanging on the edge of our seats?

Anonymous said...

They just announced that the show will be returning next year.

Anonymous said...


Where did they announce that?? I thought renewals etc were only announced in May?

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