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Fringe Discuss: Who's More Damaged, Peter Or Olivia?

      Email Post       3/09/2011 11:48:00 AM      

We've added a new weekly feature to FringeTelevision, "Fringe Discuss", inspired by your questions and comments. To christen this, we'll start this week with the following discussion question:

Who do you think is the more 'damaged'? Peter or Olivia? 

There is a good case to be made for both.

Supporting points showing Peter is damaged:
  • Peter was duped from age 8 by our Walter(not his real father) 
  • Peter's alt-mom Elizabeth lied to him, saying she really was his mother 
  • Peter grew up without a father after age 13 when Walter was placed in St. Claire's 
  • Peter voluntarily chose a nomadic and criminal lifestyle up to the day Olivia blackmailed him to return to Boston 
  • Peter was duped by our Olivia(she learned of his real identity but kept it from him for weeks) 
  • Peter thought he was going home to his real family when in actually it was all Walternate's machine agenda 
  • Peter was duped by FauxLivia(Ha! The same way he was duped for 25 years by Walter) 
  • Peter was experimented on as a child by Walter(and as an adult also if you count things like Walter hypnotizing him and making him cut his sleeves off) 
Supporting points showing our Olivia is damaged:
  • Olivia's step-dad physically and verbally abused her as a child 
  • Olivia killed her last lover because he was a double-agent, who tried to kill her 
  • Olivia killed her 'partner'(technically a shapeshifter who had assumed her partner's identity) 
  • Olivia's mother died when she was 14 
  • Olivia got trapped in another universe trying to save Peter 
  • Olivia was tortured by Walternate 
  • FauxLivia stole her identity for 8 weeks 
  • Peter cheated on her with FauxLivia 
  • Olivia was experimented on as a child by William Bell and Walter 
So how do you weigh in on this? Who's the more damaged, or are they equally damaged?

Who's more damaged - Peter or Olivia?


45 said...

Peter didn't CHEAT on Olivia! Cheating would be KNOWING you are having sex with somebody other than their girlfriend. PETER THOUGHT HE WAS WITH HIS TRUE OLIVIA! God, what is the matter with people!

Aimee said...

I agree. Peter did NOT cheat!

Aimee said...

They BOTH has been through a lot; I'm tired of it being made a contest between the two... Fans need to unite, not divide.

Elliiot said...

Dude, not only did Peter not cheat on Olivia (he was duped, and has said over and over that he only wants to be with her)-----------OLIVIA DID NOT KILL JOHN. That was a traffic accident wherein John tried to kill Olivia.

SZ said...

Heh - great question, but as anyone could have predicted, the fireworks have already started flying! It's very hard to choose between the two, because I think, as you have said above, that both of them are very damaged. Neither one has got through life scott-free, and to say that one is more damaged than the other could easily be interpreted by the more sensitive faction as implying that the difficulties of one do not count as much or not as damaging, which is simply not true. I would not want to undermine either of their difficulties. So I will say this: I think Olivia's damage is more overt than Peter's but I think they have been equally affected by the things that were done to them (and that they have done).

Larissa said...

I agree with both of the above, Peter didn't cheat on her or have an 'affair'.
Other points for Peter are:
1) The woman who he thought was his real mother killed herself and left him alone in a world he felt out of place in.
2) He's got the lives on nearly 14 billion people resting in his hands and no idea what he has to do.
3) He probably wonders every day if Walter actually loves him, or just his original son and he pretends Peter is him.
4) He must think about suicide often. If it's his survival that's causing this, surely it crosses his mind that it might all be fixed if he just dies?

SZ said...


Your number 3 just broke my heart:-( I think though that Walter does really love Peter for Peter, especially in recent years now that they've got to know each other properly and become friends, and also since Walter's changed.

Re your number 4, I don't know hey. Whilst I can see where you're coming from, I don't think Peter is the suicidal type, especially considering that he knows first hand what suicide does to the loved ones of the person. I just don't see him contemplating suicide - he really seems to be more of an optimist than a pessimist to me. But that's just my opinion;-)

Fringie6989 said...

I think Peter and Olivia are both equally damaged though ome of the reasons given for this I highly disagree with like some people have already stated on here. Peter didn't cheat on Olivia. He thought she was his Olivia and has been paying the consequences ever since. And while Walter and Elizabeth did lie to him, it was out of love and concern for his well being as they had every intention of taking him home. One other thing. I don't believe he was "duped" by Olivia. She knew it wasn't her place to say anything and she respected Walter to make that decision though it came too late. On to Olivia. She did not kill John Scott. He was the one trying to kill her and I am still not satisfied that he was a good guy. And she only shot shapeshifter Charlie because he was about to kill her. She would never have hurt him under any other circumstances.

I think Peter and Olivia have both suffered a lot through their childhoods and adult lives. I think saying one or the other is "more damaged" isn't really a fair question. We have seen more of how these awful things have affected Olivia, but I am hoping that we will see more of how they affect Peter as we haven't seen much of that yet. And for that matter, what about the other characters who are clearly damaged? Walter (even though he made a lot of wrong decisions) is beyond damaged too. As well as Walternate, and both Elizabeths. I think all these characters being damaged has brought them together (or will bring them together)in the end. Its what makes the dynamic between characters so great in this show!

45 said...

Fringie6989, but Olivia SAW Peter glimmer so it was her secret too! Its not like Walter sat Olivia down and told her flat out. She found out HERSELF! It was her place as PETER'S BEST FRIEND AND CONFIDANT to tell Peter what she saw. She didn't need to tell Peter that he was kidnapped from the AU, she could have told him about the glimmer.

And yes, Olivia did dupe Peter since Peter thought she was being awkward because of the Kiss they almost shared in Jacksonville which wasn't the truth.

I'm sorry but since when is it OK to lie to people out of love and concern? PETER WASN'T THEIR SON!

How come Walter and olivia always get off scott free for thier mistakes but Peter gets punished, on the show and by the audience, for his?

45 said...

I mean if its wrong for Walternate to force Olivia into thinking she is Fauxlivia why is it OK for Walter and elizabeth to brainwash Peter into thinking he was always from this world all because it was done out of love and concern?


trent said...

The same. From a certain point onwards any added pain points are superfluous. Both have been abused, deceived, betrayed, tortured and suffered traumatic event after traumatic event. Olivia is slightly more open displaying pain and Peter is usually more stoic, but both have suffered more than their fair share.

I think Walter should be included in the poll. He's also very damaged. The Damaged Three Show!

Dennis said...

I guess another way to put "Peter cheated on her with FauxLivia " would be "Peter slept with Fauxlivia and didn't realized it wasn't the real Olivia".

As for Walter and Elizabeth lying to Peter, they should have just told him the truth. He KNEW he was stolen, so explaining the reality could have worked. "You were dying, so I took you to sve your life. You would have died over there. We are trying to figure out how to send you back, but we'll take care of you until then." Walter could have learned a lot about the Red-verse from Peter if he was open and honest about the situation,

OldDarth said...

Voted both equally. Which is why they are perfect for one another!

Sure hope Olivia and Peter get to remember their first meeting from Subject 13.

cortexifan said...

Here we go again. Can we not agree to disagree in a nice way. I think all characters on the show are damaged. No wonder Fringe hardly wins any of the polls if the fans can't get their act together. Sorry, but I had to say it.

Anonymous said...

they both suffered the same degree just in different circumstances that's why they belong together , they perfectly understand each other , and I feel sorry for both of them ; and when they are in conflict I feel the same for both , and it's wrong to judge levels of torture because the two had the awful horrors in their lives !

Anonymous said...

It may technically not be cheating, since they hadn't started dating over here, but it probably felt that way in Olivia's eyes.

45 said...

Oh yes anon, cause Peter kidnapped Olivia, put her into a prison so he can screw fauxlivia right? Oh that's right, its through OLIVIA'S eyes.

God, i hate Olivia. She ruins perfectly fine men.

Dennis said...

I think everyone in these comments have been very nice. As long as there are no personal attacks or name calling, I think it's great that our fans have passionate discussions.

Anonymous said...

to Larissa :

Peter was at Europe when Elizabeth died , he left the house and Elizabeth after Walter got crazy .


Walter did begged Olivia to not tell Peter about his identity because he would like to tell him , think about it a little it's not Olivia's call it was Walter's call .

Olivia is damaged more than Peter .


Vika said...

Gosh, another poll of doom...
Can we agree that they both have suffered a lot? Because they have.
You make some valid points and I agree with many of them.

@Larissa - point number 2 alone could drive a person insane. Point number three - heartcrushing.

Peter didn't cheat per se. As @45 said, cheating would involve knowing

Anonymous said...

Almost i forget ! Peter didn't cheat on Olivia and it's not how Olivia is seeing it , for Olivia : she wasn't me how you could not see that . and for Peter : i thought she was you .

So it's not cheating .. it's even something more than that .. that he can't see the realOlivia from the fake one . because she wasn't her .

and Olivia didn't kill jhon , it was a car accident , John did try to kill Olivia not the other way around .



cortexifan said...

Dennis, my apologies.

Anonymous said...

to 45 :

now what ? another nickname ?

Dennis said...

I must have jinxed myself :/

Anonymous said...

"God, i hate Olivia. She ruins perfectly fine men."

LOL!!! Like the traitor John Scott??

I do agree with you that cheating would involve knowing.

I think Elizabeth and Walter not telling young Peter the truth was to keep him out of the insane asylum because nobody would believe him. I don't think a kid could keep a secret like that for years. Ironically Walter goes insane and gets committed. Poetic justice?

Anonymous said...

Fringeviewer here... Peter did not cheat; he was duped. Olivia couldn't forgive him for not recognizing Faux wasn't her, but how could he have guessed about any possible switch? It was done outside the theater, he only a woman coming in and assumed it was Olivia. Now, he did notice the changes but could not have imagined in a lifetime that he was not with the woman he thought she was. At least give the guy credit for noticing; it's just that the idea that your loved one could have been switched by her doppelganger is so outrageous that it only could happen in this TV series.

So, I voted that both are damaged. Almost equally to me. It's just that Peter doesn't show it the same way as Olivia. She became the soldier and protector, he became a rogue operative. That's all. Otherwise, Peter probably would have become a professor or a scientist like his father in the Alt-universe. So long!

Dennis said...

Peter only noticed after Olivia called him from the Red-verse.

BTW, here's a quote from the Subject 13 transcript:,
ELIZABETH BISHOP: He's asleep. We can't keep this up. It's making him crazy.
WALTER: What's the alternative? Tell him the truth? He'd be locked up. These lies were supposed to be a temporary measure. We were supposed to have him home well before it got this far.
ELIZABETH BISHOP: It's been six months, Walter.
WALTER: Getting him back wasn't as simple as I'd hoped.

Anonymous said...

I think we forgot to put Olivia saw her boss (well her boss's alternate but still) murdered in front of her and BECAUSE of her.
AND that she was abducted. (And injected with something, I don't remember what, but the experience as a whole is just plain terrifying.)
Plus she had all the pressure on her when she had to light those lightbulbs to save a lot of people.

So, I'd vote for Olivia.

Anonymous said...

didn't the original post leave out 2 of the most vital pieces... Olivia killed her step-dad and Peter's over-here mom killed herself?

trent said...

Dennis, I think that Fringeviewer above meant, that he noticed the differences, not that he identified Fauxlivia. He just explained the differences away, because he was conditioned to do that, since he was a child and they made him believe Walter and Elizabeth were his parents.

And I agree with real1 above. Olivia didn't try to kill John, John tried to kill her.

Anonymous said:

"I think we forgot to put Olivia saw her boss (well her boss's alternate but still) murdered in front of her and BECAUSE of her."

No, she didn't. Broyles saw his alternate murdered, not Olivia.

45 said...

"Plus she had all the pressure on her when she had to light those lightbulbs to save a lot of people."

Olivia is part of the FBI, so its HER JOB to save people. Its not like Olivia was handpicked to solve this lightbulb puzzle.

BTW, nobody forced a gun to her head and remember, SHE WAS THE ONE WHO WANTED TO SOLVE THIS THING. Peter told her to get out of there but SHE wanted to do it anyway. so she wasn't pressured to do shit.

runpaceyrun said...

I voted 'both'. They both have been damaged....and its not fair to compare the types of things that have happened to each of them and say that one has had more / less and so on. Both of their lives have been effected /changed since childhood. Even though all this has happened to them....they are still amazing yet vulnerable human beings. I simply love these 2 characters...and love Fringe too! AWESOME tv.

45 said...

BTW, let's be fair here, all the bad things that happened to Olivia have always been IN YOUR FACE while the things that Peter goes through is either downplayed, swept to the side or ignored all together. So, its not fair to judge Peter and Olivia's "problems".

45 said...

I forgot something, too. Everytime Olivia has an issue, her problems are ALWAYS ongoing and she always gets an arc about it while Peter's problems are just for one episode and ignored until OLIVIA reacts to it.

Just like the machine storyline. We see Peter "weaponized" for one episode and its consequences are completely ignored until Peter comes clean to...wait for it...OLIVIA.

Peter's issues have always Olivia's issues and ITS NOT RIGHT! Why can't peter have his own issues where its not always about what olivia wants?

SZ said...

Hmm. Hello 45/Katie - I thought I recognised your style from that last post....It's obvious that you feel very passionate about the perceived lack of screen time that Peter's troubles get - however, I think it's important to bear in mind that by and large this series is told from Olivia's POV. That's the way it's been from the very first episode. That's not to say that Peter is any less important than she is, because he isn't - it's simply a matter of whose POV the story is told from, and there is nothing new regarding that. Also, remember that on the flip side, this is not just a show about Peter either - it is about all of the characters and personally I think the writers have achieved a nice balance in the show (just my opinion). I think we will see more of Peter's issues as the show progresses, but the writers have to be wary of delving into them in too much detail too soon simply because they are quite intricately involved with the overall mytharc and they don't want to give too much away just yet. I feel it builds the suspense;-)

Brianna said...

Does anyone know what episode the first picture in this post is from?

Dennis said...

The Olivia photo is from "Entrada", and the Peter photo is from "In Which We Meet Mr. Jones".

SZ said...

The picture of Olivia is from 'Entrada' I think and the one of Peter is from a separate episode - I think the episode 'In Which We Meet Mr Jones', but I could be wrong...

45 said...

Whatever, SZ, Olivia's POV is making everyone hate Peter. Thanks writers!

Brianna said...

thanks guys!
I need to rewatch season 1. It's been tooo long.

Brianna said...

The first picture is actually from season 1 episode 4, The Arrival, when Peter tells Olivia he wants to stay.

I just rewatched it!

Coco said...

SZ said...
" I think it's important to bear in mind that by and large this series is told from Olivia's POV"

and also

Anonymous said...
"So it's not cheating .. it's even something more than that .. that he can't see the real Olivia from the fake one . because she wasn't her"

I agree with both of these so much and I think many fans often fail to keep these in mind.

As for the poll, I believe they are both equally damaged. Whether you are talking about damaged in general or damaged by the Olivia swap thing, they're both very effected.
One thing I'd like to add. I think in order for Peter and Olivia's relationship to work, they need to understand that they were both equally hurt. In my opinion, that was being shown in "6B". "6B" was Olivia finally understanding this and at the end they are on the same level with each other. And so in "OS", whatever Peter is going to tell Olivia, I don't think it should effect their relationship because they made that connection in "6B".
Ahh, I love Peter and Olivia. To the stairs and lights out!

fringeobsessed said...

My apologies for wording it as "Peter cheated on Olivia." Yes, he thought it was the Liv he loved and didn't know it wasn't her, so yes, I agree that's not the same as cheating, even though the outcome might feel similar to our Liv.

And yes, Elliot, Olivia did not kill John Scott. Technically he got himself killed by his stupid trying-to-run-Olivia-off-the-road antics.

I love that many of you have taken the time to comment on this week's topic. :)

My opinion is they are equally damaged in complimentary ways. And as some of you pointed out I missed a few things as well, sorry about that. I agree with anon right above this comment that they DO need to understand they were both hurt. I would like to think 'they' could handle whatever Peter's upcoming disclosure is, except Olivia represents the law, and I don't think she's gonna be able to accept what he has to say without some kind of ripple effect coming from it, jmo, I hope I'm wrong.

Anonymous said...

Well, it looks for fans who vote are more damaged if Olivia or Peter, it certainly is Olivia, but I think we should ask which one has suffered more and my answer is Peter, but the two they have had a difficult life only the writers he has taken to show Olivia in the role of victim, and is being perceived, rather than heroin showed us in the first season. As for Peter, I love the interpretation that has permeated Josh, their faces, their eyes, their gestures are the character's suffering, but not too much but we show a victim, rather as a person facing life he has live, rescuing the good and trying to be happy regardless.
I join those who have rejected the claim that Peter deceived Fauxlivia Olivia, everyone seems to have conveniently forgotten that he too was misled, he had no way of knowing that they had changed, on the other side the two come together to theater, he went with Walter and a few moments later did Olivia and Bell, there was no way to imagine that in that short period of time the change was made.
And although Olivia had a hard childhood with his father, do not forget that at age nine he shoots and disappears from his life, by the time the experiments should have ended.
As for Peter, was kidnapped at age nine, that's a tough injury to a child, if we add that hijackers resemble their parents, and one experience with him, going crazy, touching experience that situation and a few years later committed suicide without known causes. These circumstances would cause many trauma to any child or adolescent and to complete a few years later the woman he loves is also lying, because although Olivia fans will not want to admit, it was unfair not to tell Peter the truth of their origin simply changed with it without giving an explanation and let think that happened by the almost kiss given. Olivia Walter prefiiri├│ on Peter.
I conclude by or not true that Peter has deceived Olivia, but Olivia is true that he lied to Peter.

Cazza said...

All valid opinions and agree with Dennis it is great to have so many people so passionate about the subject. I understand that 45/Katie is frustrated by people being on Olivias side but I think the writers have made it interesting and will continue to show all three Olivia, Walter and Peter are damaged and destined to be like a family no matter how dysfunctional they are they have individual abilities which compliment each other. Bring on fringe this week it has been too long! Double episode anyone ha ha!

Rekka Alexiel said...

Don't forget that Peter's mother broke when she told that first lie. I think she turned to alcohol because she couldn't bear to look at Peter (she knew the truth), which later lead to her eventual suicide. That would be a lot for anybody to take. Although he was in a loving home and Elizabeth took care of him, I'm sure he could feel something wrong, like she felt more sorrow and pity for him rather than real love.

I think both Olivia & Peter are pretty well damaged. They have different experiences and have dealt with them differently, but you can't judge and say that one person had it worse than another.

45 said...

Cazza, I'm not frustrated at the fact that people are on Olivia's side, I'm more aggravated that people tend to act like peter set out to hurt Olivia and her poor feelings. its tiring to hear day and day out, how peter betrayed olivia, how peter cheated on Olivia, how Peter couldn't tell the differences like that's ALL HE IS right now.

i don't understand why male leads are treated this way all because of the perfect female lead. They pulled this crap with Alias. Sydney died and Vaughn was the one being punished for what happened to her like peter was the only one being punished for the big "deception". Walternate and Fauxlivia got off scott free while people are STILL criticizing and hating on peter.

Coco said...

45, Fauxlivia didn't get off scott free, at least to me. She's number one on my hate list. It's clear to me that Peter shouldn't be blamed or punished at all. But Faux should.
sigh, now why didn't the bugs eat her again? (haha)

SZ said...

45 said "Olivia's POV is making everyone hate Peter".

That's a little extreme, don't you think? I for one certainly don't hate Peter - he's one of my favourite characters, and from everything I've read most fans are the same. Fauxlivia is the one we hate - and by the way, she didn't get of scott-free, which I think the episode "Immortality" showed. She lost her fiance and now she's pregnant with another man's kid.

Anonymous said...

You know 45 I like both Olivia and Peter But you no doubt hate Olivia for no reason, just because your no doubt a rabid fan of Josh Jackson,Olivia did the light thing because she was told she had to by Jones, she was willing to take the chance she would die because she couldn't really do it rather then let 1000s die because she didn't even try, she's a hero some one to root for not hate, why can't you like both, is it because she a woman and not a man, your the only one talking about hating anyone, no one said they hate Peter, sure I think he's a bit stupid for not realizing he was with the wrong Olivia, I mean why would our Olivia come back home and wear her hair in bangs like the other,and then act like her too, and why shouldn't he have thought it was her double, its not like he didn't know she had one, he met her for gods sake, he even pointed out to Alt-Olivia that they were different, but I don't blame the character of Peter I blame the writers for making him be stupid,which seeing how smart he is most of the time was out of character for him, I think both are Damaged, oh and even Josh said he was being stupid, so that should tell you something, anyway Olivia has forgiven him anyway, but he still had feelings for the other Olivia and may still have feelings for her,and if he does then he can't act like its because he was duped,oh and Olivia didn't ruin John or Charlie or even Peter, so I don't know what GOOD men she was supposed to have ruined, Peter was duped by Alt-Olivia not our Olivia, and I think you would be hurt to and take a bit of time to get over finding out the person you loved had sex with your double who is acts nothing like you, anyone would!

Anonymous said...

I personally think they're both as damaged as each other. Like so many I don't think Peter cheated on Olivia as he thought Fauxlivia was one and the same.

After watching Subject 13 it's obvious that there are fated to be together and there is a strong connection there. I wonder if will ever find out who Olivia's real father is, I expect that's going to be one hell of a bombshell for Olivia too.

Anonymous said...

I think the suicide of Peter's mother should be added to the list. Are we completely sure she did committed suicide or is it just what Peter thinks happened?

45 said...

Oh please, everyone does hate Peter. Every single thing coming out of people's mouths has been always negative while miss perfect Olivia and Anna torv is getting showered with love and admiration. Josh is being ignored, put down and bashed by the likes of you jerks!

BTW, Olivia DID ruin peter's character, all because of her "woe is me, how can peter do this to me" crap. I hate Olivia.

trent said...


Will you ever stop telling others, what they like or not? You have the right to dislike Olivia as much as you want, but stop putting words and opinions in other people's mouths, that only exist in your head. Speak only for yourself for once!

45 said...

Well maybe if the Peter fans were more LOUDER, maybe I wouldn't be like this. Everywhere i go, its always i love Olivia! I love Walter! John and Anna deserve emmys! But does anyone EVER give Josh any respect? NOOOOO They do not!

SZ said...


Wait a minute - when did this discussion become about the actors?? I was under the impression that we were discussing how damaged Peter and Olivia were, not Anna Torv and Joshua Jackson. And, whilst I am not a mod here, I for one would appreciate it if you didn't bash real people. Bashing characters is one thing, bashing people, particularly people you are not personally acquainted with, is just not acceptable in my book.

Furthermore, I would like to echo what Trent said - please remember that your opinion is just that - YOUR opinion. Don't attempt to speak for the rest of us. None of the comments I have read here or anywhere else bash Peter like you so clearly love to bash Olivia, so I'm not sure where you're getting this idea that everyone hates Peter - from what I have seen, it is not based in fact but purely on your own feelings. So please remember:

1) Be respectful to the actors - they are real people and they are NOT their characters

2) You are welcome to your opinion but bear in mind that just because you think it doesn't make it fact. If you want us to believe your statements, backing them up with actual evidence rather than wild accusations might be the route to go. Just a suggestion.

Old Darth said...

Did some of the SuperNatural Sam vs Dean folks slip in here? ;D

One major distinction between Olivia and Peter is Peter is carrying a lot of guilt. Guilt for what happened to his mother in this world and guilt for staying away from Walter while he was locked up. One of the brilliant subtexts of Subject 13 is that young Peter was so struggling with his sanity. Having Walter go crazy likely scared and repelled Peter that a similar fate could await him.

Then there is also, through family name association, the guilt Peter must carry for Walter's actions such as the damage raised in the red universe, the lab fire and what was done to Olivia and the other children. He cannot help but bear some of that burden.

In no way is this post meant to downplay any guilt Olivia must feel about the situation with her stepfather or other aspects of her life.

Both of them are carrying heavy emotional burdens and trying to assign relative weights to such burdens is an impossible exercise.

Cazza said...

To 45 ah ha so it sounds like you were annoyed what the writers did at the end of Alias and don't want this to happen with Fringe/Peters character?? I love Josh Jackson as an actor always have I am sure we will start to see more Peters character airtime with the episodes more about the machine etc.

Cazza said...

Just something I thought interesting- Charlie in alternate universe picked up that Olivia was different and I think joked there were two Olivia's amazing that he picked that up not knowing what was going on but nobody in our universe Walter, Astrid, Broyles said anything I think only Peter and Nina may have commented things that were out of character. That being said Peter put it down to he had changed her which considering what she went through. I still both are equally damaged and will be interested to see what happens with his confession I agree I hope she helps him through it.

Coco said...

"will be interested to see what happens with his confession I agree I hope she helps him through it"

I was just thinking something similar...depending on what it is and how she handles it, maybe instead of pulling Olivia and Peter apart, it will actually bring them closer together. And that Olivia will "help him through it" as Cazza said.

45 said...

Cazza, I haven't seen the end of Alias. I'm just annoyed with this Olivia crap.

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