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Fringe Video: "A Matter Of Life and Death" In HD

      Email Post       3/22/2011 11:23:00 PM      

Here is the HD version of the Fringe commercial for "Bloodline".

I have posted some of the spoilery screenshots over at, and ALL of the screenshots over at


Anonymous said...

I really feel bad for Olivia... I mean first she was experimented on as a child in terrifying ways, then she lost her mother, then her boyfriend died, and now Fauxlivia is pregnant with Peter's baby. I mean, give her a break!! Fauxlivia didn't have to go through those things which made Olivia more reserved and scared to let people in. And now Fauxlivia is pregnant!! I don't see how they are gonna fix this, poor Olivia =(

fringeobsessed said...

Agreed, Anon.
I so hope that after going through these awful things AlternateOlivia will empathize with our Olivia and maybe they can join forces and fight the enemy(ies) together.

45 said...

I don't feel sorry for any Olivia. THEY ruined Peter.

45 said...

People hate him because of those two idiots. Peter is being punished by the female Olivia fans all because they don't care about peter OR his feelings.

Anonymous said...

Fringeviewer here: I tend to sympathize with Fauxlivia this time (and with Olivia when it matters). Heck, she went on an assignment to the other side and came back pregnant, the bf dumped her and now she's being hunted. That's no sweet deal.

By the same token, when Olivia finally got to enjoy some loving bliss, she has to get pushed back by Bell. I'm sure she would have understood Peter's activities hunting shapeshifters (after all, it's no picnic to find one's face depicted with flames coming out of the eyes), but before she could say anything this dirty old guy had to step in.

All in all, as Olivia herself said in the end of "Firefly," "how is this different from any other day (in Fringe division)?"

Anonymous said...

A whole season without Olivia being herself, or really happy would be too much to take, I hope the writers get that, and are preparing some nice things to come for Peter and Olivia, So please bring Olivia back

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