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John Noble and Jasika Nicole Wrap-up From Emerald City Comic Con

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Someone named 'vengeancebuiltmehastily' put a nice recap on tumblr regarding John Noble and Jasika Nicole's comments this past weekend at the Emerald City Comic Cion in Seattle, Washington. (You can see their 1 spoiler comment in the 'spoilers' section.)

tagged fringe jasika nicole john noble Fringe panel write-up (if I remember anything else I’ll post it later)
•First and foremost, both John Noble and Jasika Nicole were warm, genuine, friendly, and totally awesome to listen to. They really were incredible.

•John and Jasika both agreed that “vagenda” is one of their favorite Walter quotes but said they couldn’t pick only one because they loved them all.

•One time when they were filming Jasika had to work with live leeches in jars. They kept falling out so she’d reach down and pick them up off the floor. Anna kept telling her she’d stepped on them, even though she hadn’t, to freak her out. Jasika referred to her as a “butthole” because of this.

•John loved working with Leonard Nimoy and called him a very professional man. Jasika, on the other hand, didn’t have any scenes with Nimoy, so her only memory of him is walking by his trailer and awkwardly saying, “Hi…”

•John also thought Chris Lloyd was great to work with and said he did an awesome job on his episode.

•John raved about the performances of Little Peter and Little Olivia in Subject 13, saying he “never did this kind of thing” but that he had actually gone out of his way to get their addresses and written them letters telling them how amazing he thought they were. (Cue the “awww”ing.)

•When asked if they had an on-set nickname for Alt!Astrid, like Fauxlivia and Walternate, Jasika replied, “Kickasstrid.”

•When asked if she preferred working with John Noble or Antonio Banderas, Jasika laughed and said, “No question at all. John Noble.” John looked momentarily stricken, laughingly saying, “I didn’t know who you were going to pick there!”

•John and Jasika both love filming scenes in the lab along with Josh Jackson. They both said they have a ton of fun. John said Jasika and John were always joking around, but Jasika retaliated that he was projecting.

•Apparently, Lance Reddick can’t do scenes with John because he always cracks up. John, of course, tries even harder to make him laugh because of this.

•When asked how much influence he has on Walter’s character, John says he occasionally writes the execs in LA when he feels like they put something in the script that would be out of character for Walter. He added that the beginning of season three he said, “I think Walternate should have a mistress, and so then Walternate got a mistress! And it was Joan Chen. (big smile)”

•Jasika, when asked this question about Astrid, said she didn’t write to the execs ever—except for once, during Brown Betty, when Astrid wasn’t going to get a song. She said she wanted to sing because she had a musical theater background so she wrote them about it. They put a song in for her

•John likes playing Walter more than Walternate because he’s played lots of strong, silent, stoic characters in his career and Walter (particularly in his humorous moments) is more challenging.


Cazza said...

What a great insight into these actors personality and on set banter loved it!

fringeobsessed said...

Me too, Cazza.
And "Kickasstrid!" Adorable.

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