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Fringe Ratings & March Madness

      Email Post       3/18/2011 06:54:00 PM      

The ratings for Fringe have been holding steady. Even after a one-week break, "Os" kept up the 1.5 rating steak alive.

Tonight however, Fringe faces new competition in the form of college basketball - specifically the second day of the second round of the NCAA Div 1 Championship Tournament, aka March Madness.Normally, networks show reruns during popular sporting events like this, but there were plenty of new episodes yesterday, and Fringe will be new tonight.

There are four games that start around 7:00 and could overlap the start of Fringe: Kansas vs. Boston U., North Carolina vs. Longsland, Purdue vs. St. Peter’s, Xavier vs. Marquette, and four other games that could start after those games end: UNL vs. Illinois, Washington vs. Georgia, Georgetown vs. VCU, Syracuse vs. Indiana St.

If you don't care about sports, or college basketball in particular, then carry on watching Fringe LIVE tonight! If you are watching the games, but also want to watch Fringe, the easiest solution, if you have a DVR, would be to watch the early game, watch Fringe when that ends (possibly even live), then watch the late game on delay. However, I know some sports fans will only watch games live. How are you going to handle this?

Are you watching Fringe or March Madness?


padmay97 said...

Even if i did like basketball, I would still watch Fringe live. I just have to watch certain tv shows when they air.

MaxiPad said...

No one tracks MY viewing preferneces. I rarely watch shows live. Minimally 15 mins timeshift, but sometimes days, depending on work schedule.

As for sports, bleh. Boo on sports, yAy on Fringe. It's a decent, 80% goodnes SciFi which beats the pants off of anything else on the air right now.

Dennis said...

It sounds like you are using DVR, in which case you are being tracked. The "overnight" rating is called "Live + Same Day DVR". They can tell if you're watching something 15 mins late, or two days later. Watching two days later doesn't help the Live+SD rating.

They can also tell you aren't watching commercials. Advertisers use a "C3 rating" which is determined by how many commercials are watched during a show. This includes live and 3 days of DVR data, but only if the commercials are not skipped.

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