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Fringe Discuss: Olivia Dunham Possesed By William Bell

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Welcome to Wednesday, Fringe fans. It's time for our second installment of Fringe Discuss, where we take a look at one hot topic and have you weigh in on your thoughts.

This week's discussion topic:

Olivia Dunham is apparently now possesed by William Bell's conciousness. How do you feel about that? Is it a fun thing, or a bad thing? Is it consistent with things in this series, or too far out there?

There are some fans who have recently verbalized on the internet that they are upset by this development, and yet other fans think it's fun.

Please share your thoughts on this, and remember, it's healthy in Fringe to disagree.

Just be considerate of your fellow fans and please keep your language civil.

How do you feel about the "Soul Magnet" story line?


Xindilini said...

Gee. Definitely interested in the possibilities of knowing more about the alternate universe from the man himself. I didn't think we would get at the heart of the Fringe mythology so soon in the game, or at least shed some light on the topic. William Bell has always been a man of mystery since season 1. I wonder layer of complication he will leave behind.

Anonymous said...

When Walter was excitedly talking to Nina about William's research into 'soul magnets', he revealed that one of the 'delivery systems' for the microscopic magnet-bots could be an injection, or "a cup of tea". In scrolling back through screen-shots from the Season 2 episode 'Momentum Deferred', we see the intense confrontation between our Olivia and William Bell when she first crossed over to the Red Universe -- and lo and behold, we find several shots of Olivia drinking tea, and sitting at a table prominently showing an elaborate tea service. At one point, Olivia even says "I didn't come here to drink a cup of tea....", which may not have been HER purpose, but may have definitely been Bell's. Before Olivia must go whizzing through the window (momentum no longer deferred), to emerge through the windshield of her wrecked SUV in the Blue Universe, William "attunes the magnets inside her" by striking the....well, you know.

Anonymous said...

I definitely felt weird the first time I heard Bell's voice through Olivia!

I had to watch it again to get a better grip/grasp out of it.

Uncomfortable at first (I would have thought more of any other male character -or even introducing a new young pizza/whatever delivery guy being him)... let's see how writers do the "Belly dance" now...

fringeobsessed said...

Good catch, Anon! And we're back to Alice in Wonderland again. Alice has tea with the Mad Hatter, who I believe was Bell in that article I posted(goes to look...)I'll bet JJ Abrams approves.

Maybe one of them can interview 'Belly' and write it all his answers down, if he'd cooperate...

trent said...

I chose the 4th option. The concept seems fun and it's an interesting twist, but that voice makes me wince and it looks like Anna Torv is trying to imitate Sean Connery instead of William Bell. I think it will be an entertaining episode, but I hope William Bell is back with lots of information to help our team, they are a bit lost right now.

Lianne said...

I think this is going to be a lot of fun. I am very curious to find out what they'll have her/him do and what we'll learn from it. I'm sure the first few thing she says will sound really weird, but I think we'll get used to it in no time.

fringeobsessed said...

I agree, Lianne. I think this will be great fun.
Can't wait to hear what Bell tells them.

I agree. I hope Bell gives them useful info for the episodes ahead.

Paula W said...

This Olivia channeling Bell pretty much throws the whole romantic thing with her and Peter out the window.....

fringeobsessed said...

Yes, temporarily, Paula.
Wonder how Peter will deal with that?

Anonymous said...

The opportunity for comedic moments here is tremendous: in one of the trailers for next week, Olivia-as-Bell says something, and Peter replies to someone off-screen (obviously in an irritated mind-space): "Don't listen to him, eh, her!!"
Now, Peter could have the opportunity for a gay affair, without being unfaitful to his, that would just be too weird.
--Jack V.

Fringie6989 said...

I think it will be fun and interesting to see how it plays out. I don't necessarily like the idea of Bell possessing our Olivia but it probably won't go on for very long and the producers have basically implied that it won't be a happy union. As to Bell finding another host, I have this feeling (which I am perfectly ok with being wrong about since it is Fringe) that Bell won't find a host. I could be completely wrong about this but it would seem a bit easy for Walter to get his lab partner back and save the world. By the way, only in Fringe would the idea of finding a host for a seemingly deceased mastermind's soul be considered an easy solution to me. But I just have this feeling that Walter will need to prove to himself that he can do this or at least part of it. Whether saving the world (which I personally believe will be Olivia and Peter together saving the world) or saving Peter or whatever role Walter will play, I think he will have to find it in himself that he can do it, not in William Bell or Peter.

Another reason I think Bell won't find a host is that this show has been largely based on the concept of playing God and the consequences that happen when you do. This seems to be that idea multiplied. Messing with someone's soul seems more God's territory than Walter's, even if that persons soul is willing. I think that Walter will be faced with a choice to let Bell go or something like losing someone he cares about more. I don't speculation. Only time will tell and no matter what happens, I'm sure it will be awesome and unexpected!

The third reason is that I really don't want poor Gene to be possessed by William Bell LOL

Matthew M said...

Just finished watching "MOMENTUM DEFERRED" after a comment above and it's all there. The bell, the tea, it's all connected.
The idea of soul magnets may or may not be scientific but what it is not is supernatural. In this day and age of so much confusion of what is 'real' or 'fantasy' a lot of things get thrown into the 'supernatural' category. This idea falls in the category of the "preternatural'; something which seems not possible from a scientific perspective but only because science has't ascertained the method as yet.
I just want to know how they will reassemble William Bell's body so he can transfer back into it out of Olivia's. That will be interesting but I'm sure Willem has that figured out. My guess? probably has 'over there' WB body in cryogenic storage awaiting him since his alt was killed in an accident or was he? We will just have to wait and see.

T mags said...

I'm withholding judgement until we see how this really works. Like SGU with a total switch and Liv is floating in the ether? Or Doctor Who "New Earth" and she's being compressed to death? Are they sharing like SG-1 and that's were the problems come from? Who's stronger Liv or "the parasite"? Too many unanswered questions.

Anonymous said...

i think i´m ok with it but only because there was the conection to momentum deferred wich made it all great, if it had come out of the blue with no visible evidence that it was something they probably had planned for a while it would have totally suck.
plus it will be interesting to see peter handle it :)

Coco said...

omg, yes I love it! It really disappointed me that this was the one thing that upset some fans.
I feel like it's kind of like a Brown Betty thing. And by that I mean, it's gonna take some fans out of their comfort zone, and even make us laugh at first, but in the end it will be a good addition to the series.
I can't wait to see this one. Should be interesting to see how Peter deals with it and to see Walter reunite with Bell. (and work on a fringe case together, should be interesting)
Friday I will most likely miss Olivia, but watching Anna Torv being awesome will definately be worth it! We already know how much Anna has done and what she's able to do, so I'm not worried one bit. If you ask me, she already nailed it, and we only heard three sentences out of her! She can pull this off easy. I just can't wait to watch her do it.

cortexifan said...

I would have liked to be a fly on the wall while they were shooting this episode. Wonder how many times they cracked up. It will be funny and Anna Torv will be amazing.

fringeobsessed said...

Agreed. I hope to see a few bloopers from the 'Bellivia' shootings in the Season 3 DVD set!

Cazza said...

Hey I picked up on the tea thing in momentum deferred as exchage of soul magnets and mentioned it on the post under episodes on the 15th March before anon. That being said i do have to admit Anon has explained it in great detail fringe style! Great to start to get answers so everyone keep posting their theories. Now if my theory mentioned that Nina knew about Peter killing and maybe instructed Peter to kill the shapeshifters come true I will have better physic abilities than that laughable Madame Regina I mentioned this before the episode so I probably get half a point as she gave him the file on shapeshifters ha ha

45 said...

I hate it since it will only make people think less of Peter. I'm sure the common complaints is this..."why didn't Peter do anything to help Olivia!" "I thought he loved her!"

And the fact that JOSHUA JACKSON and his acting is yet again pushed to the side.

Cazza said...

To 45 I think wait til tonight/Friday Joshua and Seth (our lincoln) have more airtime. Seth commented on this. so I think we will start seeing more of them and more of peters reason for killing the shapeshifters etc and start to see things from peters point of view. I definitely don't think that Peter can save Olivia everytime and this is completely out if his hands. In regards to your overall concern about people feeling sorry for Olivia and that Peter is ignored according to the poll fringe viewers think Peter is more damaged than Olivia. Just saying I think things/ we will start to see things from peters side slot more now

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