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Fringe Sneak Peek 316: "Os"

      Email Post       3/04/2011 03:17:00 PM      

Here is a sneak peek of NEXT WEEK'S all-new Fringe episode "Os", airing March 11 at 9:00pm on FOX.


lostieforever said...

Please, help Us, Fringe fans in Spanish: Can you translate Walter´s speech? Thanks in advance!

Anonymous said...

You want it translate into Spanish?

lostieforever said...

Oh, no! In English. I will translate in Spanish, for subtitles, but I can´t understand what He´s saying :S Thanks martinaberg!

Anonymous said...

he says: es osmio, el elemento que habia en la sangre del sujeto, concentrado y en su forma solida....hablando de eso, ahi atras esta el exceso (mira hacia los recipientes llenos de sangre y luego a Astrid).

It's not literal but that's pretty much what he says...

lostieforever said...

Ok, thanks again. You rock, people! :D

nipponjin said...

Does someone know what 'Os' stands for?



beansidhe said...

"Does someone know what 'Os' stands for?"

It's the symbol for the chemical element "Osmium", the one Walter talks about. ;)

nipponjin said...

Thanks a lot beansidhe, didn't catch that one, now I see...



fringeobsessed said...

I wonder if "Os" is also a play on words with "Oz" like the wizard of Oz? Right after the series started Josh Jackson described Peter as being mystified by being able to see the man behind the cutain(making a nice Oz reference to Walter being the wizard.)

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