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Fringe Now: Alternate Universe Articles - Tucker Auto

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The Sprint "Fringe Now" page of the Fox website has a new "Alternate Universe Article", which shows a news article from the Red universe, on one of those ubiquitous Motorola XOOM type devices.

The article is titled "Tucker Auto - The company claims to have fixed past problems.":
Tucker Auto announces a new line of electric-fusion passenger cars. The company claims to have fixed past problems with catastrophic engine meltdowns, which led to high-profile lawsuits during 2006 and 2007. A company spokesman says the new vehicles demonstrate the firm's ongoing commitment to green innovation.
The Tucker Car Corporation in our universe folded in the 1940s, due to lawsuits and an SEC investigation. The Tucker '48 was a very futuristic car for its time, including features such as a "water-cooled aluminum block,  flat-6 rear engine, disc brakes, four-wheel independent suspension, fuel injection, the location of all instruments on the steering wheel, and a padded dashboard." An electric-fusion engine, however, was not an option.


Matthew M said...

More and more liking 'over there' better. When can I cross over!?!

Anonymous said...

ambered relief fund by over there.

Shorrai said...

Interesting article about the benefits of drinking coffee on the sidebar...since coffee is scarce "over there"

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