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New Fringe Friday Trailer

      Email Post       3/03/2011 02:35:00 PM      

Fox has just released a new trailer.

This new promo have some easter eggs, can you find it?


Chronos said...

Chill inducing! I'm anxious to see a higher-res version.

Anonymous said...

Hurley! So excited for him.

Jaydev Adhikari said...

Hurley(Lost) and Lincoln from over here

Anonymous said...

Funny how they keep coming back to mutant babies, right from episode 1.02.

Anonymous said...

Awesome trailer I recommend showing this at movies cinemas whilst people are watching the adjustment bureau (with the observer look alikes)

Sean D said...

This page has a HD version and a few of the easter eggs are:

1. A shot of Sam Weiss has a shot of the chalkboard from Over There pt 2 that encoded said not to turst him.

2. A shot of Peter that says something like "Sometimes walking away from one's fate... leads you right to fate's doorstep"

3. A shot of Walternate with "6:02 AM EST".

4. A shot of what is likely the First People book that says "Only one side will pr..." likely prevail.

Anonymous said...

I am SO EXCITED for Jorge Garcia next week! Fringe is the thing that gets me through my post-LOST depression.

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