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Fringe Now: Alternate Universe Articles - Megaseas

      Email Post       3/19/2011 12:13:00 AM      

The Sprint "Fringe Now" page of the Fox website has a new "Alternate Universe Article", which shows a news article from the Red universe, on one of those ubiquitous Motorola XOOM type devices.

The article is titled "Megaseas - Air pressure was compromised by unknown sources.":
Early this morning on Megaseas' weekly luxury tour of the submerged Island of Oahu, air pressure was compromised by unknown causes. The submarine had to make an emergency surfacing and all passengers were evacuated. This is the first time since 1978 that the famous two-day voyage had to suspend operations mid-tour..

First of all, the "Submerged Island of Oahu"? We know from the transcript of the Fringe episode Jacksonville, that people still live in Hawaii, so the whole state isn't missing. According to the alternate universe map of the US, half of California is also missing. Global warming, or giant quake?

Also, what caused the emergency in 1978? Did it have anything to do with Peter being born the same year?


Fringie6989 said...

That's an interesting thought! There is obviously more to Peter than just being a kidnapped son from the alternative universe because the observers said he was valuable before he was kidnapped. Also, the observers were either observing Walternate or Peter or both because they interrupted Walternate finding a cure. Not to mention, observing all of them since then and the machine and all of that. So it would make sense that Peter being born might trigger some catastrophe since he alone apparently has the power to destroy or create.

Ryan said...

Anybody know the name of the song that plays in the back ground of the latest episode around 14 and a half minutes in? It's a jazz song with a sax...

Anonymous said...

Ryan - Take Five - Dave Brubeck

Anonymous said...

Lost reference?

Ryan said...

Yes! It was indeed Take Five - Dave Brubeck,
thank you very much!

Anonymous said...

However the article explicitly states that it was the first time since 1978 that the tour had been cancelled. That means the tour had probably been in operation, therefore Oahu and maybe half of California, had been submurged a long time before 1978.

Anonymous said...

I misspelled submerged. One of the things that I would really like for the Fringe producers/writers to do, if not now at some point in the future, would be to write and post a far more detailed history of the other side. Also I would like for them to explain how, given the far different history of the other side, there are still exact doubles of almost everybody. Or at least everybody who is important to the show.

Danielle said...

That would be interesting if Peter's birth had something to do with, and this time maybe its caused by Peter's son. Interesting theory!

Matthew M said...

What makes you think the baby is a boy? Only the terms baby and child have been used. You know what they say about assumptions and presumptions.

Philip C. said...

Interesting about "Take Five" by Dave Brubeck being played, in that their drummer, Joe Morello, just died on March 12th. A wry tip of the hat, or pure coincidence?

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