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Fringe Exclusive: Remaining Schedule For Season 3

      Email Post       3/22/2011 03:00:00 PM      

We just got word from FOX on the schedule for the remaining season 3 episodes of Fringe.

First the bad news: After this week's 'over-there' episode "Bloodline", there will be two weeks of reruns.

Hmmm. Seems like it would have made more sense to show reruns when you were up against the NCAA playoffs...

It also means we don't get a new episode on April 1st. :(

The good news is, once Fringe returns with new episodes on April 15, we will run the last four episodes of the season straight through to the season finale on May 6th.

Here is the remaining schedule:

3/25 - Bloodline (#318)
4/01 - The Firefly (#310 repeat)
4/08 - Reciprocity (#311 repeat)
4/15 - Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (#319)*
4/22 - 6:02 AM EST (#320) ***
4/29 - The Last Sam Weiss (#321) **
5/06 - The Day We Died (#322 Season Finale!) **

* According to SpoilerTV
** According to TV Line
** According to J.H. Wyman

These dates have been added to the FringeTelevision Google calendar.

UPDATE: According to The Futon Critic, Fringe will continue to air repeats all summer in the "Saturday Night Fringe" timeslot, Saturdays at 11:00PM.


Hannah said...

i don't get the picture?? what's the point, what is it sayimg?

Anonymous said... a symbol for "scheduling", as in the FRINGE schedule for the rest of the season. I think.

Anonymous said...

I love that pic. its frank and bolivia's schedule

fringeobsessed said...

And 319's entitled LSD? Oh boy! Should be very scary.

Anonymous said...

3.21 is titled "The Last Sam Weiss"

3.22 is titled "The Day We Died"

Anonymous said...

......ALL OF US.

Anonymous said...

The finale title makes me wonder...

Fadzi said...

Those titles sound sooooooooo exciting!

Anonymous said...

The finale title makes me think Peter is a goner. I've been anticipating his death by end of season since Firefly aired. This is merely speculation on my part, but if it's true, I won't be happy about it.

Hannah said...

what would the show do without Peter.. They can't kill him if they expcet to keep going!

Gary B said...

Think the way things are going this should be renamed...
From:- The Day We Died (#322 Season Finale!)
To:- The Day We Died (#322 Fringe Finale!)
Ratings are low, story is getting boring and dragged out...
Im not holding my breath for a series 4. Think they runined it with the alt verse.. then destroyed it with Bellivia :(

Xindilini said...

3.22 "The Day We Died" - I am getting goosebumps. If it means, there is another way to tell this story, perhaps starting from the end. BRILLIANT!!!

Xindilini said...

Well. This proves the writers really know what they are doing. I'm confident this will me good. At least it's works for me. They had me worried for a while.

SZ said...

Exciting titles - the only thing that worries me is that the title of the season finale will turn out to be ironically prophetic for the show. Let's hope that doesn't turn out to be the case!:-(

fringeobsessed said...

I have to agree with you, Xindilini.
After an initial moment of shock from the 322 title, I think they are again going in a whole new direction, and I'm going nuts trying to figure out what that is!

And Gary B., I am EXTREMELY disappointed they chose to go the direction they did right after introducing the AltLivia character, but I think the show is the total opposite of boring.
I think the Season 3 finale will leave us sitting with our mouths hanging open.

Just a reminder regarding the renewal of Fringe.
Last year we did not find out whether there would be a Season 3 or not until May 04, 2010.

Anonymous said...

Are those titles for real? Sounds bogus to me, "The Last Sam"? really? "The day we died"? Usually Fringe does not have such revealing titles. I'll believe once it's official.

Fringe is not gonna be canceled, just keep the Faith!

cortexifan said...

Can't wait for more new Fringe episodes and am totally stoked for the last episode of S3, not that want it to end. Jasika said the script is left open and I hope of course for a 4th season.

I've heard a lot now that we heard about S3 in May, but I just re-watched an interview with Anna on PBS which aired March 31 last year and that's where I heard about the renewal.

Anyway, tune in Fringies and watch all new episodes and the re-runs. Fringe rules and it needs to stay!

Joanna said...

"Usually Fringe does not have such revealing titles."

*ahem* I direct your attention to "Over There I/II".

"Think they runined it with the alt verse.. then destroyed it with Bellivia"

Sounds like you're pining for the monster-of-the-week procedural days, when each season was (more or less) a self-contained story. Fringe is structured as a multi-season arc, so seasons 1 and 2 were just the warm-up. Season 3 is the real beginning of the action.

tvnut014 said...

If they are airing reruns all summer does that mean it could be a possibility for season 4? Or just merely a good bye for the show??? Guuuuuh I NEED TO KNOW.

But yes I agree with what was said above, I feel like something dreadful is going to happen to Peter. It is the season of Olivia, in the words of Joshua Jackson, so it stands to reason that fate will always make Olivia miserable and take away her happiness (AKA: Peter).

Anonymous said...

FOX is going to announce its renewals and cancellations on, or about, 17 May. The same week that the other OTA networks will announce theirs, and the same day that NBC announces.

Anonymous said...

Joel Wyman just tweeted the title of episode 20 to a fan who asked. It is entitled "6:02 AM EST".

Anonymous said...

I thought I complettly missed fringe and i almost cried . plus im only 13 and love this show

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