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Fringe 318 Preview: Bloodline

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Preview for the Fringe episode "Bloodline" , which airs next FRIDAY, March 25th at 9:00PM on FOX.

Head over to the FringeTelevision YouTube channel (and click the "pop out" button) to watch it in full-sized HD.

Screenshots of the video are available at


Anonymous said...

SO SO EXCITED. People who hate the alternate universe just because of Fauxlivia are way too extreme.

Fringie6989 said...

I so agree. I've never been big on Fauxlivia but no one in their right mind would miss this episode because they don't like her. I am practically in tears right now!

Wikiaddicted723 said...

I've watched this 3 times in row, and I'm still hyperventilating!!!! these madmen of writers are friggin' GENIUSES!!!!!!

cortexifan said...

Again, Anna is doing an amazing job just by looking at this preview. And I have to say they seem to like to torture her :)
Some of you may think Fauxlivia deserves this but still life is different over there and she made some choices lately that weren't so great, we all do that. I actually fear for her that this is not ending well.
You should look at this preview one picture at a time, it's even more freaky. Some of the things Fauxlivia gets to experience have already happened to our Olivia, the table from Bound, her moving belly from The same old story when she is at Massive Dynamic dreaming, when Fauxlivia knocks on the window, it mirrors our Olivia being locked up by Walternate at the end of Over There part two.
The last picture looks like she is about to give birth, die or both, just my thoughts. If Walternate didn't kidnap her, maybe it's rogue observers, but knowing Walternate I almost want to bet he has his hands in this.
Anyway, it will be hard to wait a week.

Anonymous said...

not sure i ubderstand jons,walternt,zft who kidnaping fauxlivia and what do they want with the babey? but i seen this before sculy on xfill,s hope it,s not that worm thing? It looked like they hade a gun or lazer target right on top of the babey!

Anonymous said...

I ment altjon,s because are jon,s is dead

Anonymous said...

It's look like a strong episode , I don't like Fauxlivia , i am standing her just because Anna Torv is acting her , Well .. i think she will pay about what she had done .

i don't think that Walternate is involving with this , i mean he is wanting her and his grandchild but i think am going with Anon .. maybe it's Alt-Jone who did it , interesting stuff is coming ...

Humm do you think she will die ? can we do a poll for that ?


Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to this because after what she's done to the Fringe team in the Blueverse Fauxlivia will get some of the same treatment that Olivia went through and hopefully become more empathetic to them because of it.
I think it'll make her character totally unpredictable, where will her allegiances lie, still with Walternate? Will her team even know she's been pregnant in the first place because the promo begins with her not showing!
very cool!!


Anonymous said...

my 3rd comment on this video I am almost sure it is alt jon,s becuse are jon,s saw somthing about are olivia mabey alt jons see,s somthing in fauxlivia or the babey that would be crepey mabey he want,s to give coretexafan to the babey becuse it would be the yougest age mabey giving abilt,s far greater than oliva on are side.

tvnut014 said...

Do you think Fauxlivia will die giving birth? And then in the season finale, Peter goes to the other side after finding out that his child is living with Peter's parents, forced to leave our Olivia behind (Peter's true love, in order to take care of HIS child). And this tearing of Peter's emotions causes the Machine to malfunction?

Anonymous said...

Peter's child will have an accelerating birth ? right ? right ?? why would they do this to altrivia ? do they need the baby ??!!


Anonymous said...

Preview for the Fringe episode "Stowaway" , which airs next FRIDAY, March 25th at 9:00PM on FOX???

fringeobsessed said...

Well, it looks like the writers are gonna knock cocky FauxLiv down a notch. I don't know why but my impression of Faux is that she's so far had a pretty easy life-like the opposite of our Liv's life.
While I'm not a believer of torture for anyone, I agree with g33k that maybe 1 good thing will come of this-alternate Olivia Dunham may look differently at our Olivia D. and the blue world now after this nastiness she's going through. It does appear that the poor baby will go the route of Walter's sped up embryos, but who knows?
More importantly, WHO is responsible for this?!
I have a feeling that's the scariest part of all.

Eddy said...

Maybe something's about to happen to Fauxlivia and she, Lincoln and the other alt-fringe div know only our side can help her. In an ideal coming together both fringe units will work together to stop what's happening thus pushing both universes far enough apart to survive...The baby thing could just be a catalyst.

My friends theory is regarding Peter and how the machine reacts sticking like a magnet to him, maybe somehow they'll figure out how to use him in a way like when you try and put the same poles of a magnet together they'll somehow repel rather than come together.

cortexifan said...

It will stay a mystery if Fringe fans don't pull together and watch. Ratings for Stowaway were not good. We know some will not watch because it's Over There. We cannot afford it. Can we just forget the differences and STAND TOGETHER AND WATCH THE REMAINING EPISODES. ALL OF THEM. (My caps is not yelling, I promise, I just want it to stand out). Spread the word, Fringies.

Fringie6989 said...

I've been thinking about the possibility of the universes and specifically Olivia and Fauxlivia working together to save their worlds, so its interesting what some people have said about Fauxlivia having her loyalties mixed up. It would make a lot of sense because we already know that her loyalties have been mixed up because of her feelings for Peter. So maybe since Lincoln finds out that the Olivia's were switched, he will somehow contact this Fringe division and Olivia and the team will travel once more to the other side in order to save Fauxlivia and the baby. The producers did say that the fallout would be unexpected...

Now I am suspicious of Walternate on a good day, so I wouldn't be surprised at all if he has a hand in this kidnapping but I have a feeling that this might be above even Walternate. Someone suggested rogue observers which I think could be a good possibility. How that would come into play I have no idea. Maybe they aren't kidnapping Fauxlivia at all, maybe they are just after the baby because its Peter's. Who knows, maybe Walternate is working with the rogue observers because he found out that September was the cause of his son being kidnapped.

Anyway, I am going to stop speculating and just watch the show because I'm sure it will be shocking and awesome no matter what. Oh and I agree with Cortexifan. Now is the time to stand together and watch because it is only going to get better from here!

wikiaddicted723 said...

hmmm...what if SAM WEISS has something to do with it? just sayin'

Anonymous said...

WATCH FRINGE LIVE! PROMISE YOURSELF AND TELL EVERY FAN YOU KNOW! I've seen them film the finale; if Fringe gets cancelled, there won't be a proper ending. This must not happen!

Pledge and spread around:

fringeobsessed said...

Anon above,
How did you get to see them film the Season 3 finale when SpoilerTV lists a casting call that says the Season finale filming will be 3/24-4/04?

Anonymous said...

Grampa Walternate has nothing to do with the torture of Faux. He has expressly forbidden the harming of children, let alone his own grandchild. As to the identity of the kidnappers, it's anyone's guess. So being anyone, MY guess is the First People in the Third Universe. To Fringers, this would make perfect sense. To outlanders, they'd think we're mucho loco.

Matthew M said...

O.K. I don't know who some of you wacko's are but if you can't write in correct English don't write at all. Do you even know how to spell? Jons? Do you mean Jones? What's a 'babey'? Do you mean baby? If you are texting, please don't not everyone texts. I don't and most normal people don't use code.
I'm not even going to comment on your stupid comments. Obviously, most of you are irrational, mentally infantile and just plain stupid.

tvnut014 said...

@Eddy has a point. What if the machine malfunctions causing the two universes to repel from one another like the same pole of two different magnets. However, somehow Peter will be stuck in the alternate universe with our Liv in ours. (I just can't help but feel that this is all gonna end badly for Olivia. She just can't seem to find happiness!! :/ )

Tim said...

I have to say I do like the other side. It's quite refreshing and I always liked Charlie for some reason.. I really like the Fringe team from over there (Lincoln, Charlie and Olivia). Of course it misses the craziness of Walter, but like I said it is refreshing.
Btw did anyone see Charlie in the promo?

Anonymous said...

SO SO SO Boring that wombivia

Anonymous said...

as I said before alt jone,s is the one behind this. when the prouducer,s did the lighting round alt,jon,s was somthing they said could happan. but what is the crepy part is the pepole keping fauxlivia are in white hasmate suit,s like the yellow one,s from lost.

Anonymous said...

tvnut014, ummm, Peter can't find happiness either.

1. Fauxlivia winded up being an impostor
2. Olivia flat out told him, " i don't want to be with you" very rudely.
3. Peter finally got Olivia AGAIN and she turns into bell.

So really folks, no wonder people don't symphatize with Peter, they don't care that he has feelings, too NOT JUST OLIVIA.

Anonymous said...

im confused, is the March 25th episode called stowaway or bloodline? I love, love this show! look forward to it every friday. please please everyone watch cause regardless of what u like, or dont like, it is thought producing, which is rare for TV these days. Hence, we wouldnt be discussing this. Thats the point. We need the ratings. I agree, writing is genuis.

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