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What Would You Ask: Olivia Dunham

      Email Post       4/01/2009 04:31:00 PM      

Tomorrow afternoon, I'll get a chance to ask the talented (and beautiful) Anna Torv a few questions about Fringe, thanks to the generous folks at FOX.

Sound off below, and I'll try to squeeze your good questions in!


tallone said...

How do you like living in NYC? Do you think Olivia will come to a new level of awareness?

Anonymous said...

Wow thanks for the opportunity!
I would say:

"I LOVE YOU! I would like to ask:

How did your relationship with Mark Valley started?

How is your relationship with him right now? (Hope it's great xD)

Who is your biggest friend on the set?

And are you as NICE AND GREAT as we think you are??! xP

Bye!!! You're the best!"

Anonymous said...

Oh! And how excited are you for being on The Ellen Degeneres Show and Good Day LA this friday? Good luck with that!

Jim in Georgia said...

Do you think John Scott is alive?

Dennis said...

FringeNews... FYI, both of those appearances have been canceled.

Anonymous said...

sorry but, what?

Dennis said...

I heard that her schedule changed, and she won't be in LA on Friday, so she won't be on either show.

Anonymous said...

Oh! thanks for the info..... I was expecting both :S
Hope she can make it soon.. specially on the Ellen Degeneres Show.

Dani said...

''Do you WANT peter and olivia to get together?''
or something to that extent. you could always hold her hostage til she told you everything she knew, cause that'd work.

Caroline said...

- Do you have any rituals for getting into character on set (i.e., listen to specific music, meditate, etc)? Do you find Olivia a harder character to play compared to characters she's played in the past? She's doing a beautiful job!

- In what ways are you similar to Olivia and in what ways are you different?

- Did you watch any Bad Robot productions before starting Fringe? Do you watch any now (Lost!)?

- Will you be taking any other roles during summer hiatus?

- What's the most interesting Fringe mystery to you? Which one are you dying to get more answers about?

- Do you think John Scott was telling the truth to her when he revealed who he was working for in The Transformation?

-What's on your iPod?

Can you do that lighting round again where you ask her to say one word about each cast member? I liked Chance's. I guess a general question about the relationship between everyone on set would be cool too.

Caroline said...

Sorry, a couple more:

- Have you been able to go around NYC a bit more since you've gotten here? How do you like it? Are you excited to move to Vancouver?

- Favorite episode/scene/moment? Any favorite filming location?

- How was your experience at the NYCC? Is the newfound attention overwhelming, or are you getting used to it?

- Any funny incidents on set? Who's the biggest jokester?

I know, a lot of questions, but hopefully you'll get some ideas from them or something. Thanks so much for the opportunity, it's really appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Are you related to Rupert Murdoch? How well do you know him?

Kate said...

Wow, cool!!!

"What is your take on the Peter/Olivia relationship, as of right now in the series, and where it might go in season 2? :)"

"Congrats on your new hubby! Did you and Mark know each other before Fringe, or was it love at first sight?"

"How has Olivia's character shaped and/or changed YOU?"

There's so much more i'd love to ask her..... Anna rocks :D

Dave said...

I would ask her what other famous actors or actresses would she like to see make a guest appearance on the show.

Anonymous said...

I would read this article, anonymous:

Anonymous said...

How did it feel when you found out you would play Olivia Dunham?

If you had the time what Tv shows, what do you watch?

What direction do you want your character to go in the future?

Are you homesick?

Do you have any theories about Olivia such as who is her father or step dad, her past or her abilities (turning of lights in episode 14) etc

j said...

what made you want to become an actress?

if you wasnt a actress what profession would you want to do?

What profession you wouldnt want to do?

Anonymous said...

The character of Olivia, on the surface, is supposed to come across as emotionally guarded and controlled and yet you have this incredible way, with just a subtle look or movement, to bring this incredible depth of emotion to the character without saying a word. Unless one is paying attention, you could miss this side of your character entirely. I would like to know how much of this side of Olivia is instinctive to you, Anna, and how much is forethought and preparation for your scenes?

Anonymous said...

Olivia seems mostly calm and collected around Walter Bishop.
But is she really? Does Walter scare the crap out of her?

The conflict between Olivia and Harris-does that reach a peak anytime soon?

Will we ever see Olivia vs. Rachel in this series? It appears they love each other, but will there come a time or situation in which they are on opposite sides and angry with each other?

Not IF but WHEN do you think Peter and Olivia will get together? What has to happen to Olivia in order for her to realise that she truly does have strong feelings for and is attracted to Peter? Must she reach some kind of milestone?

Anonymous said...

Will this be an audio or written interview?

Dennis said...

It will be a conference call, so there will be audio and a transcript available. Unfortunately, we will be limited to a handful of questions.

I see what I can do about getting questions answered, even if it is just by email.

However, we have a interview with John Noble on Friday which will allow for more questions.

Anonymous said...

Do you prefer television or theater? Do you have any future plans as an actress?
What's your favorite movie and tv show? What were your favorites growing up?
What are the differences between Americans and Aussies?Have we been welcoming?

Anonymous said...

Do you prefer television or theater? Do you have any future plans as an actress?
What's your favorite movie and tv show? What were your favorites growing up?
What are the differences between Americans and Aussies?Have we been welcoming?

Dave said...

Everyone has said she is 1 of the newest future stars of tomorrow and I would like to know how does she feel about that?

Rules of play said...

- what do you enjoy the most about playing olivia and her role?

- how did playing in fringe (except getting married) affect your life?

- how much time is the crew really filming, and how much of it is spend on fun?;)

warm wishes from the netherlands,


Anonymous said...

Happy Bday Anna

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