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JJ Abrams Mystery Box Edition of WIRED

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The May issue of WIRED magazine featuring JJ Abrams as guest editorThe May issue of WIRED magazine recruited JJ Abrams as the guest editor. A year in the making, the "Mystery Issue" features a one-issue redesign directed by JJ, with mind-boggling puzzles on almost every page and hidden clues "that are not apparent at first or second glance."

This means that while many of the articles and puzzles are available online, you will need to get the magazine to get the full Easter egg experience.

Either way, be sure to check out the JJ Abrams article on mysteries and spoilers (spoiler alert: spoilers are bad, mkay?), and the "between-the-pages" interview below.

Plus there's some exclusive Star Trek content, including a comic strip featuring a lost chapter of the Star Trek saga, and Star Trek concept designer Neville Page gives readers a first look at a new monster, Big Red, a lobster-hued snow-planet scourge that attacks Capt. James T. Kirk.

By the way, the "Mystery Box" on the cover refers to a very funny speech that Abrams gave at the TED conference in March 2007.

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Dani said...

I want this so much that if i can't find it in England i'm getting it from eBay and before i do anything i'm going to spend an hour or two sniffing it.
This looks like its gonna be the best thing i've ever bought.

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