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The Observer spotted at Yankees game

      Email Post       4/19/2009 10:30:00 PM      

The Observer was spotted yesterday at the Yankees / Indians baseball game, sitting in the audience. The Observer has been making a lot of public appearances lately, showing up at NFL games, NASCAR, and even American Idol. However, in this case, he may have been there to witness a disaster, as New York was routed by Cleveland 22-4.

* Thanks to Robert Fallon for the screenshot, and Carolie & joeyboy553 for the video!


Adam Morgan said...

22-4! That's a halftime score from a church basketball game!

Sam said...

Adam: Hahaha!!! So bad.

Being anti-Yankees, the first thing I noticed was the 16-2 score and THEN the observer. Hahahaa!! Oh man. Good opening in your new stadium boys. Sheesh ;)

fringeobsessed said...

The Yankees stink!
The Red Sox rule :)

Caroline said...

Here's the vid:

Adam Morgan said...

You rock, Caroline!

Dennis said...

Thanks Caroline!

I would have taped the game myself, but it wasn't nationally televised. :(

Caroline said...

No worries, fellas! Now, what do you guys think of placing the Observer at all these televised events? As a fan, it's super exciting, but does it really promote the show? I mean, someone who hasn't heard of Fringe or hasn't really watched it would likely think "Who the eff is that creepy bald guy?" I just wish they'd put a little Fringe icon on the bottom of the screen so anyone who's intrigued would tune in.

Dennis said...

I agree, it's great fun for Fringe fans, but too subtle for everyone else. Even adding a Fringe logo probably wouldn't be that effective.

What would be cool is if they launched a "Who is The Observer" campaign. Then pull a "V for Vendetta" and hire hundreds of bald dudes in suits to start appearing at live events everywhere... every baseball game, every football game, NBA playoffs, Today Show, etc... not just a handful of NY events on Fox.

Adam Morgan said...

It's definitely a unique marketing technique. Not quite viral, more spectacle. But yeah, for it to work there needs to be a conduit that non-fans can follow. What are they supposed to do, google "bald guy at yankees game"? (If they do, it won't lead them to any Fringe sites).

So yeah, maybe a logo or a URL to accompany his appearances would go a long way.

Dennis said...

The funny thing is... since that you wrote that, now when you Google "bald guy at Yankees game" this post shows up on the first page of the results :)

Adam Morgan said...

Where's my check from Fox?!

Gil said...

Imagine the next time Michael Cerveris just goes to see a Baseball game for the fun of it, and he's sitting with friends and actually smiling and the camera catches it. That'll surely ruin the pattern.

The man is probably the most consistently-working actor on Broadway. At various points he'll be rehearing for one play during the day, performing in another at night, doing concerts on his Mondays off, and apparently filming Fringe somehow during the 5 minutes in between sleep...

Anonymous said...

How appropriate that The Observer attended the game in which the Yankees gave up the most runs ever in a single inning. If this is the kind of disaster that is part of The Pattern, then as an Indians fan, I'm all for it.

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