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Fringebusters 118: Science of Midnight

      Email Post       4/29/2009 02:52:00 PM      

For each episode of Fringe, Popular Mechanics asks experts to analyzes the science of Fringe, and separate the science fact from the science fiction.

For "Midnight," PM brings in Dr. Justin Sattin, an assistant professor of neurology at the School of Medicine and Public Health at the University of Wisconsin, to discuss the science behind spinal fluid–drinking monsters.

PM: Fringe Takes on Spinal Fluid: The Science Misses the Mark


Anonymous said...

Gotta love it when an entire plot idea falls apart the minute you actually start thinking about it seriously... oh well, at least the show is still entertaining. :)

Anonymous said...

Injecting a solution into the cervical spinal canal? Gimme a break.

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