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Fringe Episode Preview: Midnight

      Email Post       4/28/2009 07:35:00 PM      

Can tonight's episode live up to Bad Dreams' greatness? Midnight is definitely more of a standalone, as you can probably tell from the previews. Here are a few bread crumbs to get you hungry (no spoilers). Or maybe "thirsty" is more appropriate...
  • Broyles will pop up in an unusual locale. Well, unusual for Broyles, but not for Lance Reddick. I think you'll see what I mean...
  • Standalone or not, Midnight does tie into Fringe's core mythology.
  • Be sure to stay tuned for a last-second revelation, not unlike Bad Dreams' shocking tag scene.
Feel free to join us in our LIVE Chat before, during, and after the episode tonight, and look for my review tomorrow!


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