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Fringe Episode 118: Midnight - The Last Scene

      Email Post       4/29/2009 01:48:00 AM      

If you Tivo'd Fringe tonight, you might have found that the last minute or so was cut off due the American Idol running long (again!). If that happened to you, don't worry - FringeTelevision has got your back! Here is the final scene from Fringe episode "Midnight" in glorious HD.

You can also see the preview for next week's episode "The Road Not Taken", in the Fringe Spoilers section.


togar said...

I have been watching the show since it began. It is a great show. In last night's episode in the beginning I noticed when Bob entered the club that a bald man had walked behind him. I believe I have seen him in other episodes, is there some kind of connection?

Dennis said...

Yes, the bald man is known as "The Observer". He has appeared in every episode in a similar cameo role, except episode #4 "The Arrival", in which is mostly about him.

For more info, visit The Observer page at FringepediaAnd to see all of his other appearances, check out:

tallone said...

I thought that was a choice line...The man funding ZFT is William Bell. Amazing! The last minute or so was once again seen on the east coast. I noticed Idol went past 9 again.

Gil_cdn said...

Olivia Dunham (Anna) looks great in leather jacket! Hot! Hot! Hot!

Anonymous said...

The biomedical basis for last night's episode was hardly realistic. Doing a spinal fluid injection in the cervical area? Gimme a break.

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