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What Would You Ask: Walter Bishop

      Email Post       4/02/2009 12:45:00 PM      

John NobleTomorrow afternoon, I'll get the chance to chat one-on-one with John Noble, who plays Fringe's most iconic character, Walter Bishop. Submit your questions in the comments, and I'll try to include as many as I can!


Dave said...

Is there a little bit of Walter Bishop in him since he is such a complex character?

Rules of play said...

Hey John,
-how long does it take to switch from your normal person and back again when filming episodes?

-what would be walter's favourite piece of clothing?

-are you drawn to playing character's like walter,and/or how did you respond when they presented you this character

-do you watch every episode, and how do you feel when seeing yourself appear in those episodes?

-what was the biggest suprise in the series for you so far?

- what was your favourite episode as an actor

-what was your favourite episode as yourself?

honor and greetings from the netherlands,


Rules of play said...

- what books/movies/ etc did you look at to prepare yourself for the role of walter?

- for you as an actor, what was your biggest challenge playing walter?

- is every line (for example the "pancakes") written for you, or is some made up as you go along?

- given blueberry pancakes and icecream, what would you prefer?

-and what if we added chocolate into that equation?;)

Caroline said...

- Did you and/or do you watch any Bad Robot productions?
-Any funny incidents on set?
-Tell us something about working with the other actors
- Do you have any routines before getting into character?
- How are you transitioning into American life? Are you excited about the possible move to Vancouver?
- What are your particular food cravings?
- What's the Fringe mystery you're dying to find out more about?

Unknown said...

My question to John Noble:

You rock.

Anonymous said...

Where would you like to see the character Walter Bishop go in Season 2-not physically but emotionally,and/or intellectually?

Do you like how the writers are handling the story arc for Walter&Peter(father&son)? Would you do anything differently if you were writing it?

Would you like to see Walter meet up with Nina Sharp? And how do you think that should go?

Do you think Walter Bishop would find Olivia Dunham to be a good mate for his son, Peter? Why or why not?

tallone said...

Did your deceased wife have anything to do with you becoming involved with fringe science?

Anonymous said...

Nothing to do with him or Walter, but does he know if Astrid will be getting a bigger part?

Lorna said...

Why haven't we heard Walter ask Astrid or Peter for some Butterscotch pudding..after all it was his favourite dessert back at St. Clare's. He must miss it a lot, (the pudding not the hospital)

Adam Morgan said...

Thanks for the great questions guys. I asked as many as I could! The transcript will be up soon.

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