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What Would You Ask: Astrid Farnsworth

      Email Post       4/05/2009 11:00:00 PM      

The lovely Jasika Nicole, who plays Fringe's junior FBI agent Astrid Farnworth, will be doing an exclusive interview with FringeTelevision.com this week. Which means I want your questions! Leave them in the comments below.

On a related note, our one-on-one interview with John Noble on Friday went extremely well. I asked a lot of your questions, and the transcript will be up very soon.


Dave said...

I'm hoping you can ask her if would she like to have Astrid's background explored on the show? Can they give us a little more insight about her?

tallone said...

What does Astrid think of Walter's behavior? Also will this charachter be playing a bigger role in the coming season?

Dani said...

Will we find out more about her character in the coming episodes, and will she have a bigger role?
Is Astrid genuinely a nice person or is there something we don't know about her?

Dani said...

Just one more I forgot to ask -
Does she think that what happened to the first lab assistant who died in Walter's lab could be foreshadowing and Astrid could actually die?

Yeah I couldn't think how to word it lol.

Caroline said...

- favorite scene/episode/moment?
- Does you think Asstrid is suspicious at all? What do you think of the phone call she received at the end of Ability, where we don't see who's on the other line?
- Do you have any Astrid theories?
- How has your first television series experience been so far? Any projects this summer?
- How have the fan conventions been for you?
- What's the most interesting Fringe mystery to you? Which one are you dying to get more answers about?
- Any funny incidents on set? Who's the biggest jokester?

Lorna said...

Does Astrid have a secret crush on Peter? What would Jasika think if the writers moved the storyline in that direction?

tallone said...

I thought the same thing Ellie.Good Job.Thanx

Anonymous said...

What is your favorite WTH moment on the show and was there a time where you were grossed out by the stuff that the TTPTB give you?

gant77 said...

If you could choose, woould you rather be a evil character or the loving genius you are now??

Anonymous said...

simple question, Pink or Brown?

Anonymous said...

Ask her what her favorite episode was to film, and why. What was her hardest episode to stay in character? You gotta talk about what they want, as well, as a little bit of what you/we want.

Anonymous said...

Did this interview take place?

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