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Zoic's Andrew Orloff on Fringe's Special Effects

      Email Post       4/05/2009 10:00:00 PM      

Sci Fi Scoop has an exclusive interview with Andrew Orloff, the Creative Director and Visual Effects Supervisor of Zoic Studio. Zoic's special effects work on Fringe include translucent John Scott, the jaw-dropping pilot, the butterfly attack, and Porciman (Porcupine Man). It's a fascinating interview for anyone interested in Fringe, science fiction, or visual effects.

Translucent John Scott (Mark Valley) from Fringe episode 'Pilot'Jaw-dropping pilot from Fringe episode 'Pilot'Butterfly attack from Fringe episode 'The Dreamscape'Porcupine Man Bear (Porciman) from Fringe episode 'The Transformation'


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