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Fringe Comic #4 - Best-Laid Plans / Space Cowboy

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The Fringe #4 comic book was released today. It contains two Fringe stories as usual: A "Bell and Bishop" story titled "Best-Laid Plans", and a stand alone "From The Fringe" story titled "Space Cowboy".

To get your own copy of Fringe #4, head out to your local comic shop.

Fringe #5 comes out May 27, 2009
Fringe #6 comes out June 17, 2009

Here is a sneak peak at the "Best-Laid Plans":

Fringe Comic Book #4Fringe Comic Book #4Fringe Comic Book #4Fringe Comic Book #4


Anonymous said...

Holy Fringe --- this is a game changer as far as I'm concerned. Belly and Bish travel back in time to Nazi Germany and run into Bishop's father who is a Nazi?

Or maybe they're not traveling through time as much as to another thread of it in another dimension?

And I'm assuming this Hans Froelich will become Robert Bishop after a name change or something? Reminds me of operation paperclip.

Could this explain the Observers attire once and for all? Are the ZFT peeps just displaced Nazis from another time/dimension? It's kind of like the opposite of Watchmen, where Nixon remains in power. Instead, Hitler remains?

This comic raises a lot of questions with a lot of possibilities. It could explain the anamoly between Robert Bishop's death and Walter's birth.

And the machine looks like an eyeball to me --- I wonder if that's intentional or I'm just seeing things?

This also ties into the ring Bishop had around his neck in the first comic.

Anonymous said...


I'm trying to get the comics from the net, since they haven't come to where I live. But it's much easier to get the new ones. I'm wondering whether it would be ok to read the newer ones, until I can get my hands on nr. 1. Are the stories connected?

Anonymous said...

The ones about Walter and Bell are connected --- accept the newest one kind of disconnects in a few ways from the previous stories involving them. There are secondary stories in each comic that may or may not be connected depending on how you look at them. I'd reccommend reading them in order. I also very much think their timed release coincides with information we glean from the episodes. For example, we learn about Walter and Peter's dog rufus in Unleashed. In this most recent comic, we meet Rufus.

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