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The Observer spotted at NASCAR race

      Email Post       4/06/2009 07:57:00 PM      

The Observer was spotted at last Sunday's NASCAR race - the Samsung 500. He must be a big sports fan, because he was also seen at an NFL game. Where will he appear next - MLB?

* Thanks to Julia R. for sending this in!


Adam Morgan said...

Nice! Wish he'd pop up at a Cubs game...

Caroline said...

He'll be on American Idol today, according to his Facebook.

Anonymous said...

i want him to show up at a hannah montana premire.

tallone said...

He was in the front row of tonight's American Idol. I saw him three times in the first three minutes.

ICEMAN said...

he has FACEBOOK, im adding him lol

Anonymous said...

Usually he goes to major sports events. It's one way to promote the show as well.

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Stew said...

I reckon that guy is a self-promoter of sort. Appearing on every major television shows to get some cameo appearance on national tv is a sure-fire way to get 2 seconds of fame for free!
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