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Fringe PaleyFest09 Recap

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Roberto Orci, Joshua Jackson, Alex Kurtzman, Anna Torv, JJ Abrams, Jeff Pinkner, and John Noble at PaleyFest09
The Fringe panel was at PaleyFest09 last night. First they showed The Transformation then did a Q&A with moderater Ken Tucker from Entertainment Weekly.

The PaleyFest twitter feed has a great account of last night events:
Roberto Orci on the orgin: "It kind of went back and forth between a mad scientist show and "Hart to Hart".

J.J. Abrams came up with the impressive name "Massive Dynamic", apparently was already taken.

J.J. Abrams: "We wanted to do a show without dumbing it down and that would allow people to tune in to episode 4 and without going "What?!"

Anna Torv on the pilot script: "The story was so clear and so precise and I found it kind of easy to track Olivia's story."

Anna Torv on Olivia's relationship with her sister/niece: "Those little bits, they're beautiful pay offs."

A big discussion ensued tonight when someone in the audience questioned whether Walter Bishop is a cross-dresser, all in good fun!

Ken Tucker (moderator): "Mr. Jackson?" Joshua Jackson: "If you're nasty!"

Joshua Jackson: "I don't think Peter is a moral character himself. He doesn't really engage on a moral level."

Joshua Jackson on playing Peter Bishop: "He's the one who stands back and watches THIS world."

J.J. Abrams on the crazy stuff in the show: "I think as an audience you want to go there, you want to go to the crazy place."

Joshua Jackson: "I would rather be a part of a show that aims for the best ever and comes in second best than aim for mediocracy."(clapping)

Ken Tucker, our fearless moderator, just compared Walter Bishop to Timothy Leary, agree or disagree?

John Noble on the pilot: "I actually didn't read the script until that day". J.J. Abrams is shocked by this....

Roberto Orci on the title cards: "Things of nature that have hidden technology in them."

John Noble: "When I first read Walter Bishop it read like a dream role".

Apparently John Noble was originally deemed too young for the role!

According to Ken Tucker's daughter the German title of the show is "Fringe: Worst Cases of the FBI".

I am happy to report that according to J.J. Abrams, Leonard Nimoy has signed on for more than one episode.

Jeff Pinkner on finding out the show made German fans nervous: "By the way, scaring Germans!? We win!"

Roberto Orci on the beginnings of the show's manifesto: "I think part of it was from studying a Harvard student who was the unibomber."

John Noble on the 1960s: "It was an amazing time to grow up. There was a mental freedom at the time that was unique."

Ken Tucker: "Is Walter a hippie who's mind was blown by science as well as drugs?"

Anna Torv desperately wanted to give the Star Trek hand sign to Leonard Nimoy while filming their first scene together.

The original cow was recast. Upon hearing this Joshua Jackson responded: "But the hamburgers we're great!"

Possible future careers for the cow, voice over narrator for the show or undercover agent. What do you think?

Roberto Orci on the symbolism of the cow: "Something that symbolizes that science can be good or bad."

The Observer has appeared at sporting events and FOX even wanted him at the [Obama] inauguration but it didn't work logistically.

Joshua Jackson's email to producers re: Peter & Olivia's sister: "I don't understand why I'm calling her if I'm not sleeping with her."
TheFutonCritic has a little more in-depth coverage, but it's also slightly spoilery.

The Hollywood Reporter also has a short piece on the event.

Check back later, as we'll have more coverage, plus photos and video.


Sam said...

They seem like such an awesome group of people. I bet they have loads of fun on set. Thanks for this!

Mandy said...

It was an absolute blast.

The Paley twitter and FutonCritic covered a lot of all that I had to say. But I need to upload some of my photos (not great, but not bad) and I did record a small bit of video about Peter thinking he already slept with Rachel (Josh's theory, not fact).

Caroline said...

Here's a vid I found:

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