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Fringe To Canada, No Wrap Party For Crew?

      Email Post       4/14/2009 09:36:00 AM      

No wrap party for you!It turns out Warner Bros wasn't bluffing when they announced that Fringe would be moving to Canada. While the mantra until now has been "It ain't over till it's over," unfortunately, it's over. The temporarily renewed NY tax credits were too little, too late for Fringe. Fringe is set to "wrap" (i.e. finish shooting) in the next week or so, and then they'll pack up the sets and head north.

The biggest loss will be the amazing Fringe crew, which can't or won't be allowed to make the move to Canada. From all accounts, the Fringe crew has been "one of a kind from top to bottom".

Now to literally add insult to injury, there is word that there will be no wrap party or thank you gifts for the soon-to-be unemployed crew members.

Normally when a show finishes shooting a season, it thanks everyone for their year of service by throwing a party and giving out nice gifts. However, some studio whistle blowers have come forward to reveal that there are no plans to make good on this time-honored tradition. One source said:
It's unheard of that these people don't get a wrap gift or wrap party after a year [of working on the show]... I feel for those guys and gals.
Not only will most of the crew not have a job on the show next season, they wont even be properly thanked for their hard work.

FringeTelevision would like to thank everyone whose work goes in to creating this incredible show. Please leave a comment here to show the crew how much the fans have appreciated all their hard work!


Anonymous said...

How nice of you guys. Alot of people think the film industry is all glam.I know first hand... I'm sure these people work 17hr days to bring you this show. It cant be an easy show to pull off every week. THANKS!!!

Caroline said...

I've actually witnessed them shooting Fringe on a couple of occasions and these people work EXTREMELY HARD. The actors themselves are there for 16-18 hourse, but the crew is there before AND after the actors leave. On top of it all, every single crew member I spoke with was incredibly kind and very dedicated. Just look at how amazing Fringe is visually- so much of what the crew does contributes to that. I'm very sad to hear that they're being shafted in this manner. They deserve so much more.

Brenna said...

Thank you for making this show one of the best on television. You deserve more.

Sam said...

Thank you SOOO very much to all the crew!! It's a shame you won't get a wrap party but for what it's worth, as a dedicated fan of Fringe, I am awed by your talent and hard work!! Good luck to you all!

ICEMAN said...


Hopefully they can keep up with the visual effects and stuff- its not lyk up here in Canada we actually do live in igloos- im sure it will be similar. I assume they are keeping the cast i couldnt imagine they change the cast- i wouldnt be the same escepically if they changed Olivia, Walter or even Peter

R.I.P Fringe crew 08/09

Anonymous said...

Thank you thank you THANK YOU for help making this show as unbelievable and incredible as it is!!! You are the unsung heroes of the Fringe journey, and we will never forget about you as we continue to watch the show!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks to the New York Politicians who continue to raise taxes. More jobs lost to Canada because of more New York taxes. Great show. Long live Fringe.

zuro said...

Thanks for all your hardwork! you guys/gals have helped create an amazing show

David said...

To all of you who have worked endlessly this past year to entertain us with one of the best quality shows on T.V.: Your work has not gone unnoticed, and though I'm sad that you will not be properly thanked, I would like all of you to know that the fans are forever in debt to the services you provided for us. "The Last Shall Be First." Good luck with your future endeavors -- your quality work on this show will not go unnoticed, and you will be blessed with amazing opportunities that will come your way following this wonderful job!

Anonymous said...

Fringe Rocks - Thanks guys!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, thank you all sooo much for helping to make Fringe all it is currently, and all it was pre Canada. I think it's utterly ridiculous you all don't get a proper thank you ---- instead you get unemployed! Absolute bulls#!% if you ask me. You all should abandon NY the way it has abandoned you and go somewhere you are appreciated ....

Anonymous said...

Fringe is one of the best shows I've seen in a long time. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to taking us away from our daily lives, even for an hour..;)

Anonymous said...

I just heard the actors are hosting a wrap party (possibly still a rumor but sounds definite), what fantastic people!

Anonymous said...

Wrap party was on Saturday.

Anonymous said...

The actor's threw the party for the crew. Which is unheard of. Props to the cast of Fringe.

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