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Fringe Episode Preview: Unleashed

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As last week's previews indicated, tonight's Fringe is a classic monster freak-fest, in the vein of Jaws, Alien, or The Relic. You're in for a real treat. Here are a few teases to get you on the edge of your seat (as if you need any help from me):
  • Get ready for the creepiest cold open to date.
  • Walter and Peter's budding relationship will face a new obstacle.
  • Olivia's got an admirer.
  • One character is pregnant. But it's not what you think.
Tune in tonight at 9/8c on Fox for episode 1.16 Unleashed, and stop by the chatroom if you can! Dennis and I will be there tonight, hopefully for the entire U.S. runtime from coast to coast. Last week's chat was a huge success, and writer/producer JR Orci even stopped by to chat.


ICEMAN said...

Someones pregnant- its not what u think- i dunno about that i find it hard to assume everyone would automatically assume its a human child- im sure it'll be some messed up creature or its someone really bizarre (lyk a guy is pregnant with a human person)

If its Olivia it wouldnt be to much of a shocker but i would be a good twist. (I really hope its not Olivia b/c they could use it to kill off the show- they could have her take a leave at the end of the season nd then they just stop filiming (with moving to Canada nd what not)they better not SHAFT US LYK THEY DID THERE CREW)

Dani said...

It could be Olivia, though i doubt it. Cause in the 80 year old man baby episode, she gets asked something along the lines of was she safe the last time she sexed John (lol sorry :D) and it was obvious the answer was no.
I think it's a male character - that would explain the seahorse glyph.
That or the bald kid from last episode.
Or Gene.
Or the reincarnation of Mr Papaya.
Olivias got an admirer - If its not Peter I'm gonna cry. I mean LOOK at the 'Midnight' photos. Theyre so cute!
Personally I think they either mean the bald kid or the other dude injected with Cortexiphan mentioned very briefly in one of the spoilers.

Dani said...

Sorry bout the double post but JR Orci was there?
I live in England so watch the episodes online a day after they air in America, but if JR Orci is there then I'll face spoilers.

Unknown said...


jill said...

by the way did you know we have our own strange anomalies

foos said...

I say that the cow is pregnant...

Dennis said...

Elle, he stopped by right before Fringe aired on the west-coast, which was around midnight ET. He mostly talked about cats ;)

Gil_cdn said...

I believe it would be Charlie who would be impragent by the Griffin (tail of a snake, head of an eagle, the body of a lion, wings of a dragon) after he is attacked by it.

Melissa said...

It's got to be Gene! But one would think that Walter and Astrid could tell the difference between a male and female cow, but this is tv.

Anonymous said...

i bet its rachel that gets prego

Anonymous said...

I'm with is the cow

ICEMAN said...

OMG- in the clip of the boy talking he says something about jones- u can hear the name jones- maybe when Mr.Jones (after teleporting from Germany and kidnapping Olivia_ injected Olivia her injected with something that will make her have a griffing. I know thats is so outta line nd make no sense nd probably isnt what happened- but im posting it just incase its something similar our messed up lyk that

Unknown said...

yo Foo you got it its the cow and then, they find out walter made the cow pregnant one night after he got high on cup cakes lolol

ICEMAN said...


Unknown said...

roflmfao im off to alienexistence I bet they know exactly which cup cakes not to buy hahahaaaa

Adam Morgan said...

@Elle, great catch re: the seahorse glyph! I hadn't even thought of that.

ICEMAN said...




YES?( i only remember 3 of them- the first (P) the last (R) and then the (T) so im assuming its PETER

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